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  1. meteor
  2. monomer
  3. solute
  4. fluid
  5. condensation
  1. a anything that flows (liquid or gas)
  2. b small molecule that makes up the links in a polymer chain
  3. c a chunk of burning rock traveling through Earth's atmosphere
  4. d a substance that is present in a solution in a smaller amout and is dissolved by the solvent
  5. e change of state from gas to a liquid

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  1. a bond formed by the sharing of electrons
  2. space occupied by an object
  3. the force of gravity acting on an object
  4. a change that transforms one kind of matter into another kind which may have different properties
  5. the amount of "stuff" in an object

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  1. group(small) unit of density (using mL)


  2. reactantsa star after main sequence star that has expanded and is cool but very bright


  3. coreoutermost atmosphere of the sun


  4. 3For each and every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. (number of Newton's law)


  5. 2a=f/m (number of Newton's law)


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