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  1. normal force
  2. meteor
  3. saturated solution
  4. terrestrial planets
  5. unsaturated hydrocarbons
  1. a a chunk of burning rock traveling through Earth's atmosphere
  2. b force equal and opposite to the weight of an object
  3. c a solution in which so much solute is dissolved that when more is added, it settles on the bottom
  4. d have double or triple bonds
  5. e mercury, venus, earth, mars...what are they?

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  1. small molecule that makes up the links in a polymer chain
  2. saturn's largest moon
  3. the spiral galaxy to which our solar system belongs
  4. mode of transfer of heat in fluids by the movement of particles
  5. a reaction that releases heat

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  1. 40 Na=f/m (number of Newton's law)


  2. temperaturechange of state from liquid to gas at a temperature below the boiling point


  3. main sequencethe kind of star that is in the main part of its life cycle


  4. allotropesthe part of the sun where nuclear fusion occurs


  5. cometseond, minute, hour, day, and year are all units of...


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