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  1. volume
  2. suspension
  3. 40 N
  4. corona
  5. a=f/m
  1. a space occupied by an object
  2. b As you coast down the hill on your bike, you accelerate at 0.5 m/s2. If the total mass of your body and the bicycle is 80 kg, with what force is gravity pulling you down the hill?
  3. c outermost atmosphere of the sun
  4. d formula of acceleration
  5. e a mixture in which particles can be seen and easily separated by settling or filtration

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  1. comes from living things
  2. a measure of how well a solute can dissolve in a solvent at a given temperature
  3. mode of transfer of heat w/out the presence of any particles
  4. the spiral galaxy to which our solar system belongs
  5. the amount of 1 material in a certain volume of another material

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  1. convectionmode of transfer of heat in fluids by the movement of particles


  2. 4 g/cm3(small) unit of density (using mL)


  3. monomeran object in space made mostly of ice and dust, has a tail that always goes away from the sun due to solar wind


  4. protostarvisible surface of the sun


  5. vector quantityhas both magnitude and direction


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