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  1. repeatable
  2. black dwarf
  3. comet
  4. radiation zone
  5. ionic bond
  1. a an object in space made mostly of ice and dust, has a tail that always goes away from the sun due to solar wind
  2. b if the same experiment is done by some other person in the exact same way, they should get the same results.
  3. c the part of the sun right after the core
  4. d a bond formed by the donation of electrons
  5. e a white dwarf star that was stopped glowing

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  1. change of state from liquid to gas at a temperature below the boiling point
  2. the way in which acids react with some metals so as to eat away the metal
  3. a huge cloud of dust and gas from which stars form
  4. the force exerted on a surface divided by the total surface area over which the force is exerted (acts in ALL directions)
  5. the force of gravity acting on an object

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  1. net forcethe part of the sun where nuclear fusion occurs


  2. meteorhorizontal rows in the periodic table


  3. 1For each and every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. (number of Newton's law)


  4. g/mL(small) unit of density (using mL)


  5. distancethe measure of upward force of a fluid on an object which is submerged in a fluid


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