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  1. violin, viola, cello, harp, double bass
  2. All strings produce their tone by the vibration of stretched strings.
  3. A part of the string family; no bow; plucked; 7 petals to change pitch of strings
  4. The percussion instruments provide the orchestra with accents, rhythms and special timbres. In most cases, a sound is produced by striking the instrument with another object; a stick, mallet or beater.

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  1. The Double BassThe brass section includes instruments in which the vibration is made by air blown through the player's lips which are pressed into a cup-shaped mouthpiece. You buzz your lips into a cup-shaped mouthpiece. Lowest.


  2. CelloThe contralto of the string group; larger than violin; strong tone;


  3. Examples of woodwinds instrumentsviolin, viola, cello, harp, double bass


  4. Examples of brass instrumentsFrench horn, trumpet, trombone, tuba


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