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  1. spatial perspective
  2. Azimuthal projection
  3. global positioning system
  4. resolution
  5. systematic geography
  1. a a map's smallest discernable unit
  2. b a set of satellites used to help determine location anywhere on the earth's surface with a portable electronic device.
  3. c an intellectual framework that looks at the particular locations of specific phenomena, how and why that phenomena is where it is, and, finally, how it is spatially related to phenomena in other places.
  4. d projection in which either the north or south pole is oriented at the center of the map.
  5. e the study of the earth's integrated systems as a whole, instead of focusing on particular phenomena in a single place.

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  1. human-induced changes on the natural environment
  2. a type of map projection that maintains the accurate size and shape of landmasses but completely rearranges direction such that the four cardinal directions- north, south, east, and west- no longer have any meaning.
  3. a set of computer tools used to capture, store, transform,analyze, and display geographic data.
  4. theory and practice of making visual representations of the earth's surface in the form of maps
  5. the realm of geography that studies the structures, processes, distributions, and change through time of the natural phenomena of the earth's surface.

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  1. transferabilitythe costs involved in moving goods from one place to another


  2. relative distancedescribes the amount of social, cultural, or economic connectivity between two places.


  3. sitemap line that connects points of equal value or very similar values.


  4. idiographicpertaining to the unique facts or characteristics of a particular place.


  5. International Date Linethe line of longitude that marks where each new day begins, centered on the 180th meridian.


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