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  1. a material found in magma that is formed from the elements oxygen and silicon
  2. a deposit of hardened magma in a volcano's pipe
  3. the area covered by lava as it pours out of a volcano's vent
  4. a substance in which two or more elements are chemically joined
  5. a string of islands formed by the volcanoes along a deep-ocean trench
  1. a island arc
  2. b lava flow
  3. c volcanic neck
  4. d silica
  5. e compound

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  1. element
  2. Ring of Fire
  3. shield volcano
  4. viscosity
  5. magma chamber

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  1. a slab of volcanic rock formed when magma forces itself across rock layersdike


  2. a steep, cone-shaped hill or small mountain made of volcanic ash, cinders, and bombs piled up around a volcano's openingcrater


  3. a long tube through which magma moves from the magma chamber to Earth's surfacevolcano


  4. describes a volcano that is not currently active, but that may become active in the futureextinct


  5. a tall, cone-shaped mountain in which layers of lava alternate with layers of ash and other volcanic materialsshield volcano


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