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  1. Theory
  2. Security
  3. Hostile
  4. Revive
  5. Primary
  1. a Most important; major
  2. b Protection; freedom from danger, fear, or worry
  3. c Unfriendly; having or showing ill will
  4. d An explanation based on facts; a statement believed to be true
  5. e To give new energy, spirit, or strength

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  1. Very excited and anxious; extremely worried, panicked, or fearful
  2. Condition or facts of a particular situation or event
  3. Extremely important
  4. Direct and open; not shy about stating one's opinion
  5. The expected activity of a person or thing; purpose; role

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  1. ExtravagantSpending much more than is necessary or wise; wasteful


  2. BurdenA hardship; something difficult to bear


  3. AbandonTo stop trying to continue; discontinue; quit; let go


  4. DominateTo have a leading place or position in; be at the head of


  5. HinderTo confuse; puzzle


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