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  1. Theme
  2. Legible
  3. Assure
  4. Emotion
  5. Automatic
  1. a To make someone sure about something; tell with certainty
  2. b Clear enough to be read
  3. c A strong feeling
  4. d The main subject; the topic around which something is organized
  5. e Moving or operating by itself

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  1. To have a leading place or position in; be at the head of
  2. Spending much more than is necessary or wise; wasteful
  3. Wide awake and watchful; highly aware
  4. Literature consisting of imaginary stories; anything made up
  5. A part of a whole work (such as a book, speech or film)

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  1. FranticTo stop trying to continue; discontinue; quit; let go


  2. InvestigateTo explore or examine carefully in order to learn the facts


  3. BurdenA hardship; something difficult to bear


  4. EconomicalCosting or spending little; thrifty


  5. ReviveTo give new energy, spirit, or strength


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