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  1. foremost
  2. essential
  3. engage
  4. recognize
  1. a adj. First in importance, time, or place.
  2. b v. To admit the truth or accept the existence of.
  3. c v. To bind oneself to do something, especially to marry.
  4. d adj. Most important; very necessary.

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  1. n. Height.
  2. v. To fill with joy or delight.
  3. n. A group of three people.
  4. adj. Having new and original ideas.
  5. v. To lift up; to raise to a higher level.

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  1. traditionadj. Handed down from age to age.


  2. eliminationn. A getting rid of.


  3. createadj. Having new and original ideas.


  4. forsakev. To have nothing more to do with; to turn one's back on.


  5. eliminaten. A getting rid of.


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