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  1. Large Intestine
  2. Salivary Glands
  3. Founder Effect
  4. Cerebral Cortex
  5. Natural Selection
  1. a process in which organisms with certain inherited characteristics are more likely to survive and reproduce
  2. b genetic drift that occurs when a few individuals become isolated from a larger population, with the result that the composition of the new population's gene pool is not reflective of the original population
  3. c glands associated with oral cavity that secret substances to lubricate food and begin process of chemical digestion
  4. d contains integrating centers for higher brain functions such as reasoning and speech
  5. e colon, tubular portion or vertebrate alimentary tract between small intestine and anus, water absorption and formation of waste

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  1. conduction of signals from a processing center in a central nervous system to effector cells
  2. chronicle of evolution over millions of years engraved in strata
  3. total amount of energy an animal uses in a unit of time
  4. in vertebrate peripheral nervous system, nerve that carries signals to or from spinal cord
  5. act of eating, first main stage of food processing

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  1. Pancreasgland with dual functions: digestive portion secretes enzymes into small intestine, endocrine portion secretes insulin and glucagon into blood


  2. Chymemixture of partially digested food and digestive juices formed in stomach


  3. Systemic Circuitone of two main blood circuits in vertebrates, conveys blood between heart and rest of body


  4. Ponsartery that conveys blood directly from left ventricle to other arteries


  5. Phagocytesorgan in a digestive tract that receives food from oral cavity


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