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  1. Biogeography
  2. Mutualism
  3. Biogeochemical Cycle
  4. Disruptive Selection
  5. Primary Succession
  1. a natural selection in which individuals on both extremes of a phenotypic range are favored over intermediate phenotypes
  2. b any of the various chemical circuits that involve both abiotic and biotic components of an ecosystem
  3. c type of ecological succession in which a biological community arises in an area without soil
  4. d study of past and present distribution of organisms
  5. e interspecific relationship in which both partners benefit

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  1. layer of ozone in upper atmosphere that protects life on earth from UV rays of sunlight
  2. depressive mental illness characterized by mood swings
  3. ability to hold info, anticipations or goals for a time and release them if they become irrelevant
  4. organ system that forms a communication and coordination network between all parts of an animal's body
  5. pouch-like organ in digestive tract where food is softened and can temporarily be stored

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  1. Red Blood Cellserthrocyte, blood cell containing hemoglobin which transports O2


  2. Cerebellumpart of vertebrate hindbrain, planning center that interacts closely with cerebrum and in coordinating body movement


  3. Pharynxmixture of partially digested food and digestive juices formed in stomach


  4. Small Intestinecolon, tubular portion or vertebrate alimentary tract between small intestine and anus, water absorption and formation of waste


  5. Limbic Systemfunctional unit of several integrating and relay centers located in human forebrain, interacts with cerebral cortex in creating emotion and storing memory


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