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  1. Ganglia
  2. Homology
  3. SA Node
  4. Producers
  5. Membrane Potential
  1. a organism that makes organic food molecules from CO2, H2O and other inorganic raw materials
  2. b pacemaker of the heart, located in right wall of atrium, sets rate and timing at which cardiac muscles contract
  3. c similarity of characteristics resulting from shared ancestry
  4. d charge difference between a cell's cytoplasm to the differential distribution of ions
  5. e cluster of nerve cell bodies in a central nervous system

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  1. individual's ability to change phenotype in response to local environment conditions
  2. opening through which food is taken
  3. branching diagram that reflects a hypothesis about evolutionary relationships among groups of organisms
  4. organism that eats plants or algae
  5. vessel that conveys blood between capillary bed and vein

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  1. Detritivoresinherited characteristic that enhances an organism's ability to survive and reproduce in an environment


  2. Leukemiavessel that returns blood to the heart


  3. Centralizationpresence of central nervous system distinct from peripheral nervous system


  4. White Matterlayer of ozone in upper atmosphere that protects life on earth from UV rays of sunlight


  5. Cardiovascular Systemclosed circulatory system with a heart and branching network of arteries, capillaries and veins


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