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  1. Artificial Selection
  2. Gray Matter
  3. Ingestion
  4. Gastrovascular Activity
  5. Capillaries
  1. a regions of dendrites and clusters of nerve cell bodies within central nervous system
  2. b act of eating, first main stage of food processing
  3. c selective breeding of domesticated plants and animals to promote occurrence of desirable traits
  4. d blood vessel that conveys blood between an arteriole and a venule, enables exchange of nutrients
  5. e digestive compartment with single opening as the mouth

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  1. ability to hold, associate and recall info over one's life
  2. vessel that carries blood away from heart to rest of body
  3. white blood cell that engulfs bacteria, foreign proteins and remains of dead body cells
  4. hormone that stimulates production of red blood cells
  5. passage of energy through components of an ecosystem

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  1. Synaptic Cleftone of two main blood circuits in vertebrates, conveys blood between heart and rest of body


  2. Effector Cellscell capable of carrying out some action in response to a command from the nervous system


  3. Interspecific Interactionrelationships among individuals of different species in a community


  4. AV Noderegion of specialized heart muscle tissue between left and right atria where electrical impulses are delayed for about 0.1 second before spreading to both ventricles and causing them to cotnract


  5. Pulmonary Arterieslarge blood vessel that conveys blood from heart to lung


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