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  1. Neutral Variation
  2. Enteric Division
  3. Coevolution
  4. Alimentary Canal
  5. Synaptic Cleft
  1. a in chemical synapse, narrow gap separating synaptic terminal of transmitting neuron from receiving neuron or effector cell
  2. b digestive tract consisting of tube running between mouth and anus
  3. c genetic variation that does not appear to provide a selective advantage or disadvantage
  4. d evolutionary change in which adaptations in one species act as a selective force on a second species, mutual influence on evolution of two different interacting species
  5. e part of autonomic nervous system consisting of complex networks of neurons in the digestive tract, pancreas and gallbladder

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  1. vessel that carries blood away from heart to rest of body
  2. unspecialized cell that can divide to produce an identical daughter cell and a more specialized daughter cell, which undergoes differentiation
  3. natural selection that maintains stable frequencies or two or more phenotypic forms in a population
  4. terminal portion of large intestine where waste is stored until eliminated
  5. genetic drift that occurs when a few individuals become isolated from a larger population, with the result that the composition of the new population's gene pool is not reflective of the original population

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  1. Biogeographystudy of past and present distribution of organisms


  2. Heart Attackrock layers where fossils are formed


  3. Decomposersprokaryotes and fungi that secrete enzymes that digest nutrients from organic material and convert them into inorganic forms


  4. Detritivoresorganism that consumes organic organic waste and dead organisms


  5. Interneuronsnerve cell, entirely within central nervous system, that integrates sensory signals and may relay command signals to motor neurons


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