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  1. Dendrites
  2. Parasympathetic Division
  3. Interspecific Interaction
  4. Gastrin
  5. Evolution
  1. a relationships among individuals of different species in a community
  2. b set of neurons in autonomic nervous system that generally promotes body activities that gain and conserve energy, such as digestion
  3. c neuron fiber that conveys signals from its tip inward, toward the rest of the neuron
  4. d descent with modification
  5. e digestive hormone that stimulates secretion of gastric juice

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  1. pinched-off cytoplasmic fragment of a bone marrow cell, circulates blood
  2. blind outpocket at beginning of of large intestine
  3. closed circulatory system with a heart and branching network of arteries, capillaries and veins
  4. contains integrating centers for higher brain functions such as reasoning and speech
  5. greater reproductive success for heterozygous individuals compared to homozygotes, preserves variation

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  1. Plasmaliquid matrix of blood in which blood cells are suspended


  2. Spinal Nervesin vertebrate peripheral nervous system, nerve that carries signals to or from spinal cord


  3. Disruptive Selectionnatural selection in which individuals on both extremes of a phenotypic range are favored over intermediate phenotypes


  4. Gallbladderorgan that stores bile and releases it into the small intestine


  5. Biogeographyconnective tissue with fluid matrix called plasma in which blood cells are suspended


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