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  1. Midbrain
  2. Short Term Memory
  3. Sexual Dimorphism
  4. Cerebrospinal Fluid
  5. Artificial Selection
  1. a blood-derived fluid that surrounds, protects against infection, nourishes and cushions the brain and spinal cord
  2. b marked differences between secondary sex characteristics of males and females 8
  3. c ability to hold info, anticipations or goals for a time and release them if they become irrelevant
  4. d selective breeding of domesticated plants and animals to promote occurrence of desirable traits
  5. e develops into sensory integrating and relay centers that send sensory info to the cerebrum

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  1. series of small clumps that connects isolated habitats
  2. functional unit of several integrating and relay centers located in human forebrain, interacts with cerebral cortex in creating emotion and storing memory
  3. damage or death of cardiac muscle cells and the resulting failure of the heart to deliver enough blood to the body
  4. prokaryotes and fungi that secrete enzymes that digest nutrients from organic material and convert them into inorganic forms
  5. salivary gland secretion that contains substances to lubricate food

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  1. Invasive Speciesnon-native species that spread beyond original point of introduction and cause environmental or economic problems


  2. Erythropoietin (EPO)hormone that stimulates production of red blood cells


  3. Conservation Biologyconcentration of nervous system at anterior (head) end


  4. Sensory Neuronspassage of energy through components of an ecosystem


  5. Veinfingerlike projection of inner surface of small intestine


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