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  1. Plasma
  2. Atrium
  3. Sphincter
  4. Gastrovascular Activity
  5. Evolution
  1. a ringlike valve, consisting of modified muscles that regulates passage between some compartments of alimentary canal
  2. b heart chamber that receives blood from the veins
  3. c liquid matrix of blood in which blood cells are suspended
  4. d descent with modification
  5. e digestive compartment with single opening as the mouth

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  1. salivary gland secretion that contains substances to lubricate food
  2. branching diagram that reflects a hypothesis about evolutionary relationships among groups of organisms
  3. amount of solar energy converted to chemical energy by autotrophs in an ecosystem
  4. vessel that carries blood away from heart to rest of body
  5. organism that eats secondary consumers

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  1. Primary Consumersorganism that eats secondary consumers


  2. Biogeochemical Cycleany of the various chemical circuits that involve both abiotic and biotic components of an ecosystem


  3. Dendritesgland with dual functions: digestive portion secretes enzymes into small intestine, endocrine portion secretes insulin and glucagon into blood


  4. Overnourishmentcondition that results from a diet that consistently supplies less chemical energy than the body requires


  5. Carnivoreanimal that eats meat


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