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  1. Most inkjet printers intended for photographic printing include light and dark inks of all of the colors except for one. Which color ink is usually available only in one density?
  2. What is the name of the issue that prevents you from seeing exactly what the lens sees when using a rangefinder camera at close distances?
  3. The relative aperture is equal to the lens focal length divided by what?
  4. This stores electronic images captured in a digital camera until they can be transferred to a computer
  5. What color is opposite Green on the color wheel?
  1. a Memory card / flash card / compact flash card
  2. b Parallax
  3. c Yellow
  4. d Magenta
  5. e aperture diameter

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  1. A RAW file that has been altered
  2. Fisheye
  3. High Dynamic Range
  4. Incident light meter
  5. Actual Pixel view

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  1. A normal (or standard) focal length lens approximates what?The impression of human visual perspective


  2. A 1:1 lighting ratio produces what lighting result?5,000 Kelvin


  3. In a 2:1 ratio, the shadow side of the subject would meter at X stop(s) less than the highlight sideOne stop less


  4. What are the three main factors that affect depth of field?More of the background and foreground are sharp.


  5. A histogram with peaks on either end of the histogram and a deep valley in between represents what?Black (0)


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