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  1. microspore
  2. eubacteria
  3. sporozora
  4. archaebacteria
  5. endospores
  1. a protozoan with no locomotion structure
  2. b prokaryote, cell walls without peptidoglycan, unicellular, auto/heterotroph
  3. c thick internal walls that enclose DNA and portion of cytoplasm
  4. d prokaryote, peptidoglycanic cell wall, unicellular, auto/heterotroph
  5. e male gametophyte in a plant

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  1. bacteria that are weird, & live in extreme places
  2. animal-like protists
  3. crabs, shrimps, lobsters, barnacles
  4. by taking eggs out of lady and putting it with sperm and putting it back in lady
  5. in vitro fertilization

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  1. sporeconnects to stigma. tunnel for pollen


  2. bioluminescentoxygen affects reaction


  3. deuteromycotaclub fungi


  4. chemoheterotrophprotist that uses ammonia or sulfur to make food


  5. transgenic animalsgrasshoppers, butterflies, beetles, ants


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