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Smith Bio Final Sem 2 Test

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  1. bacteria
  2. recessive letters
  3. insects
  4. genotype
  5. heterozygous
  1. a an organism's genetic makeup, or allele combinations
  2. b grasshoppers, butterflies, beetles, ants
  3. c an organism that has two different alleles for a trait
  4. d most are normal
  5. e aa

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  1. sac fungi
  2. dinoflagellates, also called phytoplankton
  3. all children have trait if both parents have it, if neither parent has it and one kid has it, might skip generations
  4. one seed leaf, parallel vein arrangement, xylem and phloem randomly scattered, fibrous roots, 6 petals
  5. 3 layers in embryonic cell

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  1. evidence for fossilsshow organisms that no longer live, gives us an idea of where we came from


  2. protozoansmillipedes


  3. autotrophmakes own food


  4. gram negativethe scientific study of heredity


  5. irreducible complexityobject exhibits a pattern and it's a highly improbable event not readily repeated by chance


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