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  1. pgd
  2. diatoms
  3. protostome
  4. eukaryote
  5. chitin
  1. a nucleus; DNA is contained inside nucleus
  2. b blastopore becomes mouth
  3. c shells made of silica, all unique shapes
  4. d really hard cell wall made of carbohydrate. Fungi have chitin. So do lobsters.
  5. e pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, aka screening

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  1. eukaryotes, cellulose cell walls, unicellular, some colonial and some multicellular, auto/heterotroph
  2. number of hearts in an octopus
  3. prokaryote, cell walls without peptidoglycan, unicellular, auto/heterotroph
  4. oomycota--slime mold that is ecologically significant, and is also parasitic to fish
  5. myxomycota-slime mold that makes spores

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  1. radial embryonic cell divisionprotostome


  2. waxy cuticlecoats plants


  3. gel/wellwhere they put gel and then put dna in the wells


  4. ectothermthick internal walls that enclose DNA and portion of cytoplasm


  5. fungieukaryotes, cell walls are chitin, most multicellular, all heterotroph


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