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  1. pollen
  2. homozygous letters
  3. heredity
  4. genotype
  5. contractual vacuoles
  1. a the passing of traits from parents to offspring
  2. b AA
  3. c ciliates use them to remove excess water from cells
  4. d microgametophyte in angiosperms
  5. e an organism's genetic makeup, or allele combinations

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  1. A, B, AB, O
  2. males and females are = likely to have trait, don't skip generations, male to male transmission
  3. head, flattened top to bottom, one pair of antennae, and carnivorous
  4. ai by donor's sperm
  5. 95% of animal species

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  1. monohybrid crosssoft-bodied animals that have an internal or external shell


  2. eubacteriathe lining of mushroom gills


  3. AIHAtype o blood


  4. x-linked dominanttraits don't skip generations, equal male and females, unaffected ppl don't have kids with the condition


  5. iiall octopi have _____ amount of legs


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