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  1. stomata
  2. crustacean
  3. cephalopods
  4. plasmogamy
  5. no
  1. a when mushrooms mate
  2. b crabs, shrimps, lobsters, barnacles
  3. c squids
  4. d are octopi monogamous?
  5. e guards cells

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  1. ai by husband's sperm
  2. complete body cavity
  3. eukaryotes, cell walls are chitin, most multicellular, all heterotroph
  4. myxomycota-slime mold that makes spores
  5. how protozoans move

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  1. obligate anaerobemust have O2 to live


  2. evidence for fossilsshow organisms that no longer live, gives us an idea of where we came from


  3. facultative anaerobecan survive with or w/o O2


  4. nematocystholes in worms that help them keep from slipping


  5. problems with cloningexpensive, highly inefficient, high rate of disorders and health issues, ethical concerns


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