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  1. cytoplasmic transfer
  2. unicellular green algae
  3. halophiles
  4. gram negative
  5. exoenzyme
  1. a phospolipid cell wall
  2. b live in saltwater
  3. c a chemical that decomposes dead stuff
  4. d exchanges parts between egg cells so it can become more viable
  5. e chlamydonas

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  1. no body cavity
  2. male gametophyte in a plant
  3. pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, aka screening
  4. double loop circulation and 4 chambered heart (birds and mammals)
  5. haploid tube nucleus

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  1. polypmouth-up body plan, usually attached to a rock, asexual reproduction


  2. dicottwo seed leaves, branched vein arrangement, xylem and phloem arranged in a ring, tap root, 4 or 5 petals


  3. gastropodsegmented bodies, tough exoskeleton (chitin) and jointed appendages


  4. parazoanphylum porifera (sponges)


  5. meroziteeukaryotes, cellulose cell walls, unicellular, some colonial and some multicellular, auto/heterotroph


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