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  1. stigma
  2. chlorophya
  3. polygenic inheritance
  4. characteristics of diplopods
  5. bacillanophyta
  1. a multicellular plantlike protists
  2. b dinoflagellates, also called phytoplankton
  3. c when a single characteristic is controlled by many sets of genes
  4. d pollen sticks here
  5. e head, one pair of legs, cylindrical, herbivore

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  1. haploid tube nucleus
  2. feeds in pharynx and digestive cavity, respirates by diffusion, circulation by diffusion, response by eyespot, movement aided by cilia, lays eggs for reproduction
  3. attracts pollinators but completely useless in sex
  4. having something else's' DNA in your cells in addition to your own
  5. A, B, AB, O

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  1. parazoanno true tissue


  2. basidiomycotaimperfect fungus


  3. mosquito target #1guards cells


  4. arachnidsphysical characteristics


  5. embryo sacfusion of nuclei in mushroom


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