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  1. carrageenan
  2. halophiles
  3. dihybrid cross
  4. homozygous letters
  5. dominant
  1. a traits don't skip generations, equal male and females, unaffected ppl don't have kids with the condition
  2. b AA
  3. c pairing of TWO traits in a Punnett square
  4. d abundant in red algae, also in a lot of foods like ice cream and in toothpaste
  5. e live in saltwater

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  1. type ab blood
  2. haploid tube nucleus
  3. supports anthers
  4. 2 nuclei in middle
  5. squids

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  1. burgess shalelace crab fossil that is soft-bodied


  2. cause of potato faminewater molds on potatoes got all food and water from soil so taters died


  3. how small is a virus?jellyfish; top and bottom, no head, no butt, no left or right


  4. pgdpre-implantation genetic diagnosis, aka screening


  5. stamenmale sex organ of a plant (like a willy)


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