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  1. abhor
  2. sycophant
  3. proceed
  4. ardent
  5. beguile
  1. a passionate, showing strong enthusiasm or devotion
  2. b hating intensly, to regard with horror or loathing, to detest
  3. c to go forward or onward, to continue
  4. d to charm or delight, to decieve skillfully
  5. e a person who tries to win favor by flattering important people

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  1. wealth, affluence, great abundance, often to excess, lavishness
  2. to attack or assault
  3. anxiety, a state of a alarm, dread or fear, involuntary trembling or quivvering
  4. an indirect or subtle expression of something usually negative, a hint
  5. laziness, avoiding work or effort

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  1. austeritybitter hostility, open hatred


  2. autocraticruling with unlimited power or authority


  3. animositybitter hostility, open hatred


  4. abjecta result, to bring about


  5. deviateto depart or turn aside form a path direction, or course of action


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