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  1. surreptitous
  2. diligence
  3. supercilious
  4. trajectory
  5. resilient
  1. a the path of a moving object, a chosen or taken course
  2. b proudly scornful or disdainful
  3. c able to recover or spring back quickly
  4. d obtained, done or made secret by stealthy means
  5. e persistant hard work, steady effort, attentive care, carefulness

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  1. extremely careful and precise
  2. playfully, joking, humorous, not to be taken seriously
  3. a minor crime or misdeed
  4. having or exibiting good sound judgment
  5. overly concerned with or narrowly focused on book learning or formal rules

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  1. whimsicala clever remark or saying


  2. condescendacceptance as true or valid, belief


  3. usurpto stick or project out, to extend outward beyond the main part, something that sticks or projects out


  4. projectilegentle, easily manageable or teachable tame


  5. depreciateto depart or turn aside form a path direction, or course of action


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