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  1. rendezvous
  2. stamina
  3. subterfuge
  4. credential
  5. adroit
  1. a an arranged meeting, to meet at an arranged time or place
  2. b skillful in the quick use of the hands and the mind
  3. c evidence of one's qualifications, something that gives one power or authority
  4. d endurance, ability to withstand prolonged physical or mental effort
  5. e a deceptive strategm or trick

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. to isolate someone or something, to isolate, to seize or gain possesion of property
  2. an object that is thrown, fired or self propelled
  3. able to recover or spring back quickly
  4. capable of meeting financial obligations, able to pay debts
  5. strong and dependable, a person who is strong and dependable

5 True/False Questions

  1. aversionto vary, to create variety or give variety to


  2. creditablea fortress or stronghold in a city in or near a commanding position


  3. culpabledeserving of blame or punishment for being wrong, evil or harmful


  4. colloquialtypical of informal language usage, conversational


  5. jutto stick or project out, to extend outward beyond the main part, something that sticks or projects out


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