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  1. whimsical
  2. mettle
  3. unabashed
  4. sovereign
  5. mutifarious
  1. a indepenence, self governence, having supreme rank or power, a king, queen or other noble person who serves as head of state, a ruler or monarch
  2. b not embarrased, composure, not hidden or disguised, obvious
  3. c playful or unpredictable
  4. d courage and strenth or mind or spirit, inert or inherent quality of character or temperment
  5. e having great variet, diverse

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  1. to destroy affection or friendliness, to alienate or make hostile
  2. mean, unethical, or dishonerable, not noble in character, not of the nobility, common
  3. cunning, full of trickery or intentions to decieve
  4. economical, thrifity, careful adn strict in avoiding unecessary spending
  5. independence, self governence, self determination

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  1. stridentable to recover or spring back quickly


  2. demeanorthe way one behaves or presents one's self, one's manner


  3. disparityto speak of in disrespectful slighting way, to belittle


  4. proceedto go forward or onward, to continue


  5. conciliatorypeacemaking, appeasing, intended to overcome distrust, animosity or conflict


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