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  1. acrimonious
  2. pedantic
  3. congruence
  4. soporific
  5. strident
  1. a agreement, correspondence, harmony
  2. b overly concerned with or narrowly focused on book learning or formal rules
  3. c loud, harsh, grating or shrill
  4. d causing or tending to cause sleepiness or drowsiness, a medicine that causes sleep
  5. e bitter or sharp in language or tone

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  1. extremely bold, shamelessly rude or defiant
  2. a word or an expression that is spelled the same backward and forward
  3. believabilty, reliability, power to inspire belief
  4. persistant hard work, steady effort, attentive care, carefulness
  5. indepenence, self governence, having supreme rank or power, a king, queen or other noble person who serves as head of state, a ruler or monarch

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  1. demeanorrelaxed and unhurried, easygoing, to become more relaxed or pleasant


  2. fortitudestrenght of mind that allows one to endure pain or adversity with courage


  3. latentpresent and capable of coming into existance, but not visible evident, or active


  4. affinitya natural attraction, liking or feeling of kinship


  5. furtivesneaky and secretive, characterized by secret or stealthy means


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