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  1. indeterminate
  2. caricature
  3. extricate
  4. stamina
  5. mettle
  1. a not capable of being determined or established, not precisely known, lacking clarity of precision, vague
  2. b endurance, ability to withstand prolonged physical or mental effort
  3. c courage and strenth or mind or spirit, inert or inherent quality of character or temperment
  4. d a representation in which disctinctive traits are exaggerated or distorted for comic effect, to represent or imitate in an exaggerated distorted manner
  5. e to free from difficulty or entanglement

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  1. seemingly cool and unconcerned, indifferent
  2. a guess, a statement or judgement based on little or no evidence, to guess to infer from insufficient evidence
  3. extremely careful and precise
  4. an extreme unreasonable expense or price, beyond resonable or proper limits
  5. a structure that projects out into the water and protects the shore

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  1. unmindfulfailing to give due care or attention, inattentive


  2. miscreantto damge in reputation, to disgrace, to create or cause distrust or doubt, lack of trust or belief, doubt


  3. subterfugerediculously laughably absurd


  4. solventpassionate, showing strong enthusiasm or devotion


  5. analogythe art or proffesion of teaching, the body of knowledge relating to education and teaching


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