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  1. lethargy
  2. disparage
  3. meticulous
  4. jut
  5. droll
  1. a exteme lack or energy and enthusiasm, apathy and inactivity
  2. b to stick or project out, to extend outward beyond the main part, something that sticks or projects out
  3. c to speak of in disrespectful slighting way, to belittle
  4. d extremely careful and precise
  5. e amusingly odd

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  1. a clever remark or saying
  2. to be the greatest in number or importance, to have or gain the greatest power or influence to prevail
  3. accepted standards or customs of a social group
  4. believabilty, reliability, power to inspire belief
  5. a guess, a statement or judgement based on little or no evidence, to guess to infer from insufficient evidence

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  1. discreditto damge in reputation, to disgrace, to create or cause distrust or doubt, lack of trust or belief, doubt


  2. indoctrinateto instruct in or impart certain principles or idealogy


  3. elucidatepossesing great knowledge and scholarship


  4. credencea subtle or slight degree of difference


  5. invectiveabusive or strongly critical language


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