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  1. diversify
  2. strident
  3. congruence
  4. austerity
  5. mutifarious
  1. a agreement, correspondence, harmony
  2. b severe and rigid restriction, especially those brought on by difficult economic times, the quality of lacking luxury or ornamentation, the quality of being stern or severe in appearence or manner
  3. c loud, harsh, grating or shrill
  4. d having great variet, diverse
  5. e to vary, to create variety or give variety to

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  1. to leave a country or region and settle in another
  2. to turn inside out or upside down, to reverse in the position or order of
  3. to annoy with repeated insistent requests, to ask for urgently and repeatedly
  4. relating to the system in which people, or vassals, were given protection and the use of land in exchange for loyalty, payments, and services to a lord
  5. tactless, socially awkward

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  1. clichea group of customers or patrons


  2. didacticintended to teach, overly moralistic, preachy


  3. stuporendurance, ability to withstand prolonged physical or mental effort


  4. diminutivepersistant hard work, steady effort, attentive care, carefulness


  5. munificentgenerous, liberal in giving


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