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  1. grandiose
  2. tantamount
  3. equity
  4. deviate
  5. mediate
  1. a net value, the value of a business or propery minus the debt owed, fairness and justice
  2. b to depart or turn aside form a path direction, or course of action
  3. c equivalent in significance, effect or value
  4. d to help opposing sides reach an agreement, to intervene in a conflict in order to improve the situation
  5. e trying to seem important, characterized by pretended grandeur, grand or magnificent in size, scope or beauty, impressive

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  1. proudly scornful or disdainful
  2. an expression that contains contradictory terms
  3. fearless, having unwavering courage
  4. unecessary, unjustified
  5. a ruler with absolute power, someone who wields power opressively, a tyrant

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  1. inadvertentlynot capable of being determined or established, not precisely known, lacking clarity of precision, vague


  2. satiateto fully satisfy an appetite for desire


  3. credentialevidence of one's qualifications, something that gives one power or authority


  4. objectionableoffensive, arousing disapproval


  5. abjectof the most miserable kind, of the most despicable kind, deserving of great scorn, brought to a low state, wretched


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