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  1. conjecture
  2. autonomy
  3. surfeit
  4. equity
  5. trajectory
  1. a independence, self governence, self determination
  2. b an excessive amount, to feed or supply to excess or disgust, to overindulge
  3. c the path of a moving object, a chosen or taken course
  4. d a guess, a statement or judgement based on little or no evidence, to guess to infer from insufficient evidence
  5. e net value, the value of a business or propery minus the debt owed, fairness and justice

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  1. rest, relaxation peacefulness, to lie down, to rest
  2. to vary, to create variety or give variety to
  3. a prefix or suffix, to attach a part to the begining or end of a word, to attach something
  4. economical, thrifity, careful adn strict in avoiding unecessary spending
  5. an intense dislike, to avoid something considered painful or unpleasant, strong dislike or opposition

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  1. flamboyantshowy, flashy, vivid or dramatic


  2. accreditto officially recognize or accept as having met certain standards, to credit with, to attribute to


  3. disparageto speak of in disrespectful slighting way, to belittle


  4. oligarchya government led by few especially by a faction of people or families, a government led by a few people or families


  5. decorumappropriateness of behaviour, propriety


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