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Infants showing symptoms of acidosis, dehydration, diarrhea, elevated blood ammonia and urea, and fever may be reacting to the nutritional problem of

protein overload.

What organ in the infant uses more than half of the day's total energy intake?


The recommended amounts of vitamins and minerals for infants are based on the

average amounts ingested by thriving infants breastfed by well-nourished mothers.

Which of the following is a feature of water in infancy?

Much of the infant's body water content is located extracellularly

For optimal breast-feeding benefits, it is recommended that the infant be encouraged to suckle on each breast for about

10-15 minutes.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Canadian Pediatric Society, breastfeeding of full-term infants is

strongly recommended.

What is the chief reason that breast-fed infants usually need to eat more frequently than formula-fed infants?

Breast milk is digested faster

What is the chief protein in human breast milk?


What is colostrum?

A milk-like substance secreted right after delivery

Which of the following is an advantage of breastfeeding compared with formula feeding?

It provides immunological protection

Which of the following is a feature of infant development and nutrition?

Breast-fed infants obtain iron-binding proteins that inhibit bacterial infections

Which of the following is associated with bifidus factors?

Increased bacterial growth

What factor in breast milk binds iron and prevents it from supporting the growth of the infant's intestinal bacteria?


What is lactadherin?

A breast milk protein that inactivates a GI virus that causes diarrhea

Compared with cow's milk, breast milk contains

less protein and calcium.

To gradually replace breast milk with infant formula or other foods appropriate to an infant's diet is to


Which of the following formulas is available for infants with lactose intolerance?


Which of the following is a feature of infant soy formulas?

They contain cornstarch and sucrose rather than lactose

What type of formula is available for infants with milk allergy?


Which of the following is a common source of lead poisoning in infants?

Contaminated water used to make infant formula

What is the most realistic advice for reducing lead exposure from the tap water used to prepare infant formula?

Because the first water drawn from the tap each day is highest in lead, let the water run a few minutes before using it

Goat's milk is inappropriate for infants due to its low content of


An infant diagnosed with "goat's milk anemia" is most likely deficient in


Which of the following defines nursing bottle tooth decay?

Marked tooth decay of an infant due to prolonged exposure to carbohydrate-rich fluids from a bottle

What term defines the condition of infant tooth deterioration resulting from chronic exposure to carbohydrate-rich fluids from a bottle?

Nursing bottle tooth decay

Which of the following feeding practices is recommended for preterm infants?

They should be fed preterm breast milk, occasionally fortified with specific nutrients

Of the following cereals, which is most likely to result in an allergic reaction upon first feeding?


Which of the following represents a good age to introduce solid foods to infants?

Five months

At what age does the normal infant first develop the ability to swallow solid food?

4-6 months

Why should new foods be introduced to an infant one at a time?

Any allergic reactions can be detected

What should be the first cereal introduced to the infant?


Which of the following nutrients need to be supplied first by solid foods in a baby's diet?

Vitamin C and iron

Infants should not be given canned vegetables due to excessive amounts of


Infants fed honey or corn syrup are at increased risk for


Foods containing sorbitol or other sugar alcohols should not be given to infants because they

promote diarrhea.

Which of the following is the primary factor in the development of milk anemia?

Excessive intake of cow's milk

A child who drinks a lot of milk at the expense of other foods is at high risk of showing signs of


The consumption of milk by children should not exceed 4 cups per day in order to lower the risk for

iron deficiency.

What should be the parent's response when a one-year-old child wants to clumsily spoon-feed himself?

Let the child try to feed himself so that he will learn

Which of the following is the most prevalent nutrient deficiency among U.S. and Canadian children?


Which of the following is a feature of nutrition in childhood?

Children who fail to consume vitamin D-fortified foods should receive a daily supplement of 10 micrograms

Which of the following is the most likely reason that teachers promote the consumption of midmorning snacks for children?

It provides carbohydrate for maintenance of blood glucose and brain function

Which of the following is characteristic of children who regularly eat breakfast or skip breakfast?

Breakfast-skippers actually show lower scores on IQ tests than those who eat breakfast

Which of the following is a characteristic of iron deficiency in children?

It affects brain function before anemia sets in

Which of the following is a characteristic of lead exposure and health?

Absorption of lead is higher on an empty stomach

What is the prevalence of hyperactivity in children?


What is the term given to the child who is hyperactive with severe and impulsive behavior?

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder

A child who develops antibodies to a certain food is said to have a

food allergy

Which of the following is a characteristic of a food allergy?

It always involves the production of antibodies

Which of the following foods are most often the cause of allergies?

Eggs, peanuts, and milk

What food is responsible for the most life-threatening allergic reactions in people?


A life-threatening whole-body allergic reaction is known as

anaphylactic shock.

A child known to be allergic to peanuts who begins to show signs such as difficulty breathing, swelling of the tongue, and severe abdominal discomfort is most likely in immediate need of a life-saving injection of


A child with a true allergy to milk is actually allergic to the milk's


If a child is allergic to soy, which of the following should be avoided?

Textured vegetable protein

People who show adverse reactions to foods such as increased pulse rate, nausea, and hives, but do not show antibodies to the offending foods, are displaying

food intolerances.

Approximately what percentage of U.S. children between 2 and 19 years of age are overweight?


The typical can of soft drink contains the equivalent of how many teaspoons of sugar?


Five cans of soft drinks provide approximately how many kcalories?


To help improve a child's BMI, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends limiting television and video time for children older than 2 years to how many hours per day?


Which of the following two conditions are associated with television's influence?

Obesity and high blood lipids

What is the most likely explanation for the increased prevalence of obesity in children over the past 30 years?

They are less active physically

What is the leading cause of high blood pressure in children?


Which of the following is a feature of nutrition and behavior in children?

Television commercials featuring snack foods have been found to affect children's food preferences

To lower the risk of obesity in children, which of the following practices should parents institute for their children?

Teach them to take appropriate food portions

Which of the following is an effective strategy for dealing with obesity in a child?

Engage the individual in at least 1 hour per day of moderate to vigorous physical activity

Which of the following steps should be undertaken by the parent or guardian to ensure that young people eat well?

Control the availability of food

If a child is reluctant to try a new food, it is best to

quietly remove it and present it again at another time.

When children are allowed to eat freely from a variety of foods, they usually select foods that are high in


The single most effective way to teach nutrition to children is by


The adolescent growth spurt

begins and ends earlier in girls than in boys.

What is the approximate duration of the adolescent growth spurt?

2 ½ years

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