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  1. Estaba en primera plana
  2. ¿Qué sé yo de...? No entiendo ni jota de...
  3. la capital
  4. investigar
  5. nunca, jamás
  1. a It was on the front page
  2. b government capital
  3. c to research
  4. d What do I know about...? I don't understand a thing about...
  5. e never

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  1. biased
  2. always
  3. morning
  4. masculine
  5. obituaries

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  1. tratar un tema a fondoto cover a topic in depth


  2. inspirarle confianzato inspire trust in (someone)


  3. Dudo que estés bien informado(a) sobre.../que sepas...It's hard to believe that there are.../that they say...


  4. la sección de cocinafinancial section


  5. -alfeminine


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