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  1. el capital
  2. el concurso
  3. parece mentira que
  4. estar al tanto
  5. No creo que los periodistas/ los noticieros sean...
  1. a money
  2. b it's hard to believe that
  3. c game show
  4. d to be up-to-date
  5. e I don't think that journalists/ newscasters are...

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  1. to think, to be of the opinion
  2. not...either
  3. masculine
  4. to subscribe to
  5. masculine

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  1. Dudo que estés bien informado(a) sobre.../que sepas...I doubt that you're well informed about.../that you know...


  2. el enfoque local/nacional/mundialannouncer, newscaster


  3. parcialgovernment capital


  4. Estoy seguro(a) (de) que...It's evident that...


  5. el documentalchannel


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