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  1. spectrin
  2. never let monkeys eat bananas
  3. arteries, arterioles, capillaries, venules, veins
  4. transport O2 to cells and CO2 away from cells
  5. respiratory membrane
  1. a sequence of blood flow
  2. b what is the order of leukocytes from most abundant to least? ( does Ms. Devick want us to remember them?)
  3. c function of erythrocytes
  4. d alveolar and capillary walls
  5. e creates cell flexibility for movement into capillaries for RBC's

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  1. what is the process of gas exchange in the alveoli?
  2. what are erythrocytes lacking?
  3. the opening on the larynx is also known as vocal chords
  4. blood's percentage formed elements
  5. what are the three functions of the nasal cavity?

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  1. 100-120 dayswhat are erythrocytes lacking?


  2. squamos, columnar, loose connective, hyaline, and smoothtissues in the circulatory system


  3. 98%hemoglobin is ___ percent of an RBC


  4. 90%hemoglobin is ___ percent of an RBC


  5. nasal cavity, larynx, traches, bronchi, lungswhat makes up erythrocytes? (2)


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