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  1. Electrons
  2. Electric force and distance
  3. Semiconductors on the periodic table
  4. Conductor (resistance)
  5. Semiconductors
  1. a insulators in their natural state, but can be manipulated so that sometimes they conduct, and sometimes they don't
  2. b Stronger at close distances, weaker at long distances
  3. c negative charge carriers; the flow of electrons is what causes current
  4. d Can be found right on the line between metals and non-metals
  5. e low resistance

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  1. the force caused by electric charge; opposites attract and like charges repel
  2. forward
  3. very high resistance
  4. negative charges
  5. medium resistance

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  1. A negatively charged object will move _______ along a field lineforward


  2. Current Formulathe rate that electric charges move through a conductor


  3. When charges are stronger... (what do we do with field lines?)draw more field lines


  4. Conductorconducts electricity and allows electrons to flow through it (metals, humans, water)


  5. Units for currentCoulomb (C)


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