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  1. What were the functions of the chorus?
  2. What were the six parts of a Greek Tragedy?
  3. What is Euripedes known for?
  4. Who was Antigone planning to marry?
  5. what is the parados?
  1. a chorus marching in from the left or right
  2. b Haemon
  3. c sets overall mood and expresses theme, Adds beauty (theatrical effectiveness) through song and dance, Gives background information, Divides action - breaks play into scenes, Usually fifteen members, Adds color, movement, spectacle, Offers reflections on events
  4. d Prologue, Parados, 1st-4th episodes, choral odes, and exodos
  5. e Reduced participation of chorus, including ordinary people as characters in plays, realities of war, criticizing of religion, exuberance, tough decisions, and the sudden appearance of a god.

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  1. 406 BC
  2. 496 BC
  3. circular dancing place of the chorus; where performance is held
  4. where the audience sat
  5. Eteocles

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  1. Who warns creon that the gods side with Antigone?teiresias


  2. By what method is Antigone sentenced to death?Getting trapped in a cave


  3. How does Antigone end up dying?She hangs herself


  4. Who were the two main characters in Antigone?Creon and Antigone


  5. Who was the Greek god of theater?Dionysus


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