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  1. Who does Creon honor after the battle?
  2. When did Sophocles die?
  3. what is the parados?
  4. Who was Antigone planning to marry?
  5. When was Sophocles born
  1. a Haemon
  2. b 406 BC
  3. c Eteocles
  4. d chorus marching in from the left or right
  5. e 496 BC

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  1. She hangs herself
  2. Prologue, Parados, 1st-4th episodes, choral odes, and exodos
  3. Adding a third actor, fixing number of chorus to fifteen, introducing painted scenery, making each play of a trilogy seperate in nature, and making stories about human-human relationship rather than human-god relationships.
  4. Creating the first actor/protagonist and dialogue. Also invented theatrical masks
  5. Reduced participation of chorus, including ordinary people as characters in plays, realities of war, criticizing of religion, exuberance, tough decisions, and the sudden appearance of a god.

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  1. What is a theatron?wooden building with three doors through which actors made their entrances and exits


  2. What was the Proscenium?altar to Dionysus on which sacrifices were made, and which was sometimes used as a stage prop


  3. Who does Antigone attempt to bury?Polyneices


  4. What were limitations of greek theater?no violence on stage, no lighting, always outdoors, no curtains, no intermissions, off scene info relayed by messenger, continuous presence of chorus on sage, simple plots, action took place in a single day, and one scene plays.


  5. What is a skene?wooden building with three doors through which actors made their entrances and exits


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