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  1. una muñeca
  2. el vecino
  3. Mis hermanitas se portaban mal.
  4. pelearse
  5. un dinosaurio
  1. a My little sisters (usually) misbehaved.
  2. b a doll
  3. c to fight
  4. d the neighbor
  5. e a dinosaur

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  1. Everyone that had black hair had brown eyes.
  2. My neighbors were very generous to me. (with me)
  3. as a child
  4. My parents don't let me go out on Friday nights.
  5. I obey, you, he, we, they

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  1. Mientras mi hermano mayor veía la tele, mi hermano menor y yo hacíamos la tarea.While my older brother was watching TV, my younger brother and I were doing our homework


  2. el triciclothe neighbor


  3. los pecesI told him.


  4. Todos mis amigos eran bien educados.All of my friends were well mannered.


  5. portarse biento fight


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