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  1. el mundo
  2. la verdad
  3. unos bloques
  4. saltar a la cuerda
  5. veíamos
  1. a the world
  2. b to jump rope
  3. c some blocks
  4. d the truth
  5. e we used to see

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  1. once in a while
  2. My little sisters (usually) misbehaved.
  3. we used to go
  4. I'm offering you a piece of candy.
  5. I was playing, used to play (a game), you, he, we, they

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  1. ¿Por qué no fuiste al zoológico?in general (generalmente)


  2. los pecesthe fish (pl.)


  3. Iba a ir pero nunca fui.I was going to go but I never went.


  4. Mis vecinos eran muy generosos conmigo.My step-sisters were quite obedient.


  5. un dinosaurioas a child


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