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  1. el patio de recreo
  2. Les di una moneda a cada uno.
  3. Le compré una corbata a mi padre.
  4. la moneda
  5. mentí, mentiste, mintió, mentimos, mintieron
  1. a I gave each of them a coin.
  2. b the playground
  3. c the coin
  4. d I lied, you, he, we, they
  5. e I bought my father a tie.

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  1. we used to see
  2. Why didn't you go to the zoo?
  3. All of my friends were well mannered.
  4. Lourdes was her dad's favorite.
  5. everyone

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  1. miento, mientes, miente, mentimos, mientenI lied, you, he, we, they


  2. me molesta cuandoeveryone


  3. tímidothe world


  4. el triciclothe tricycle


  5. portarse biento fight


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