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  1. éramos
  2. pelearse
  3. portarse bien
  4. el vecino
  5. la moneda
  1. a we used to be (ser)
  2. b to fight
  3. c the neighbor
  4. d to behave well
  5. e the coin

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  1. I gifted an electric train to my cousins.
  2. spoiled
  3. I told him.
  4. as a little one
  5. the turtle; the tortoise

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  1. de vez en cuandoonce in a while


  2. tímidotimid


  3. el pezthe fish (sing.)


  4. un dinosaurioa dinosaur


  5. jugué, jugaste, jugó, jugamos, jugaronI was playing, used to play (a game), you, he, we, they


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