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  1. Mis padres no me permiten salir los viernes de noche.
  2. Lourdes era la consentida de su papá.
  3. la guardería infantil
  4. de vez en cuando
  5. por lo general
  1. a the daycare center
  2. b Lourdes was her dad's favorite.
  3. c once in a while
  4. d in general (generalmente)
  5. e My parents don't let me go out on Friday nights.

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  1. Everyone that had black hair had brown eyes.
  2. the playground
  3. naughty, mischievous
  4. it bothers me when
  5. everyone

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  1. jugué, jugaste, jugó, jugamos, jugaronI played (a game), you, he, we, they


  2. la monedathe rope


  3. tímidothe world


  4. jugaba, jugabas, jugaba, jugábamos, jugabanI was playing, used to play (a game), you, he, we, they


  5. de pequeñoas a child


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