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  1. Bear Market
  2. Investing
  3. compounding interest
  4. Liquidity
  5. Bull Market
  1. a ease with which an investment can be changed into cash
  2. b optimistic stock market
  3. c Earning interest on interest
  4. d pessimistic stock market
  5. e putting your money to use in order to make more money.

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  1. loss from sale of asset
  2. required minimum deposit for a minimum amount of time.
  3. small group of people who invest money.
  4. rate of interest
  5. handwritten will

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  1. Price/Earnings Ratiocash value provides both savings and death benefits


  2. Annuityamount of money that an insurance company will pay at definite intervals to a person who has previously deposited money with company.


  3. Formal Willall belongings go to spouse


  4. Municipal Bondissued by federal government


  5. Yieldchance of loss


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