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  1. Coupon Rate
  2. Preferred Stock
  3. Formal Will
  4. Current Yield
  5. Liquidity
  1. a priority over common stocks, no voting rights
  2. b annual dividend divided by current market value
  3. c ease with which an investment can be changed into cash without losing any of its value
  4. d rate of interest
  5. e attorney prepared will

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  1. small group of people who invest money.
  2. share of ownership
  3. loss from sale of asset
  4. investment company that invests other peoples money
  5. series of regular payments made to a retired worker under an organized plan

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  1. Stock Exchangemarket place for securities


  2. compounding interestgrain, livestock, precious metals, etc.


  3. Simple Willall belongings go to spouse


  4. Stock Certificateproof of ownership


  5. Yieldchance of loss


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