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  1. Genetically modified plants
  2. Definition of fungi
  3. Monocot characteristics
  4. adhesion
  5. Growth inhibiting hormone
  1. a A heterotrophic eukaryote that digests its food externally and absorbs the resulting small nutrient molecules. Mostly decomposers, but some are parasitic. Most fungi consist of a netlike mass of filaments called hyphae. Mycelium is densely branched network of hyphae. Molds, mushrooms, and yeasts are examples of fungi.
  2. b An organism that has acquired one or more genes by artificial means. If the gene is from another species, the organism is also known as a transgenic organism; little genetic variability; monocultures; wiped out by one disease.
  3. c abscisic acid
  4. d The attraction between different kinds of molecules
  5. e - A flowering plant whose embryos have a single seed leaf, or cotyledon; parallel veins; vascular bundles are scattered; petals in multiples of 3; fibrous root system.

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  1. heterotrophic eukaryotes; digest food externally and absorb the nutrients; found everywhere (soil and water); mostly decomposers, some parasitic
  2. cofactors, catalysts
  3. seed
  4. - a plant that grows on another plant, usually anchored to branches or trunks of living trees. Ex. Orchids. They absorb water and minerals from rain
  5. A meristem at the tip of a plant root or in the terminal or axillary bud of a shoot.

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  1. First emerging structure of a dicot seed-any chemical substance that promotes seeding elongation, promotes growth toward the light


  2. cohesionThe densely branched network of hyphae in a fungus


  3. Darwin's phototropism experiment- Control
    - Tip removed
    - Tip covered by opaque cap
    - Tip covered by transparent cap
    - Base covered by opaque cap
    1. Tip of shoot was responsible for sensing light
    2. Growth response for the bending of the shoot occurs below the tip
    3. Some signal was transmitted downward from the tip to the growth region of the shoot


  4. Kinds of tropismthe three tissue systems of a mature plant complete their development; differentiation; cell specialization


  5. transpiration pullwater is pulled up the xylem as water evaporates from leaves due to adhesion and cohesion.


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