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  1. hosp, host
  2. mens
  3. arch
  4. vor
  5. mal, male
  1. a measure: dimmension, immense, measure
  2. b rule, leader, chief: archtitect, anarchy, matriarch
  3. c eat: carnivore, herbivore, voracious
  4. d guest, host: hospice, hospital, hostess
  5. e bad: malefactor, malevolant, malnutrition

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  1. fire: flame, flamingo, inflammatory
  2. death: morbid, immortality, mortify
  3. law, justice: judge, judicious, perjury
  4. life: biology, biography, biosphere
  5. end: affinity, define, finish, infinity

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  1. interman, human being: anthropology, anthropoid, misanthrope


  2. pedchild: pediatrician, pedagogy, pedantic


  3. gratgroup, crowd: congregate, segregate, gregarious


  4. dec, deci, decastretch: attention, tension, extend


  5. subbelow, under: subway, submerge, subject, substitute


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