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  1. multi, poly
  2. penta, quint
  3. gen
  4. a, an
  5. cor, cour, cord, card
  1. a many: multiply, multimedia, polygon
  2. b heart: accord, courage, cardiac
  3. c not: anarchy, atypical
  4. d origin, birth: genesis, congenital, generate
  5. e five: pentagon, pentathlon, quintuplet, quintet

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  1. ask, seek: derogatory, interrogate, perogative
  2. say, declare: dictionary, predict, interdict
  3. turn around: convoluted, evolution, revolve
  4. all: omnibus, omnivore, omnipotent, pandemic, panacea, Pangea
  5. build: construct, structure, destruction

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  1. parabeside, beyond: paraprofessional, parallel, parable, paragraph, paranoid


  2. hemi, semipeople: democracy, demolition, pandemic


  3. tritricycle, triplet, triangle, trilogy


  4. sacr, sanctholy: sacred, sanction, sanctuary


  5. tend, tens, tentstretch: attention, tension, extend


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