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  1. sub
  2. peri
  3. cir, circum
  4. hom, homo
  5. nat, nasc
  1. a around: perimeter, peripheral, periodontal
  2. b around: circumference, circumvent
  3. c same: homogenous, homograph, homonym, homophone
  4. d below, under: subway, submerge, subject, substitute
  5. e birth: native, national, naturalize

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  1. speak, talk: dialogue, epilog, eulogy
  2. father: paternal, patriot, patron
  3. many: multiply, multimedia, polygon
  4. out of, outside: eject, exhale, exempt, eclipse
  5. please: grateful, ingrate, gratuity

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  1. dem, demosame: homogenous, homograph, homonym, homophone


  2. archplease: grateful, ingrate, gratuity


  3. mal, malegreat: magnify, magnanimous, magnate


  4. phon, phonoguest, host: hospice, hospital, hostess


  5. ten, tin, tainhold: continue, contain, detain


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