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  1. cent, centi
  2. luc, lum, lus, lun
  3. stru, struct
  4. grad, gress
  5. mens
  1. a hundred: centipede, century
  2. b light: illuminate, lumen, lustrous
  3. c build: construct, structure, destruction
  4. d measure: dimmension, immense, measure
  5. e move forward, step: congress, egress, graduate

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  1. eight: October, octave, octopus, octogon, octogenerian
  2. throw: conjecture, eject, reject
  3. child: pediatrician, pedagogy, pedantic
  4. holy: sacred, sanction, sanctuary
  5. write, writing: script, transcribe, prescribe

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  1. dec, deci, decaten: December, decade, decimeter, decimal, decagon


  2. holosame, self: autobiography, autograph automatic


  3. perchild: pediatrician, pedagogy, pedantic


  4. chrontime: chronicle, chronological, anachronism


  5. multi, polymany: multiply, multimedia, polygon


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