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  1. mob, mot, mov
  2. spec, spic, spoc
  3. non, nov
  4. greg
  5. para
  1. a nine: November, nonagon, nonagenarian
  2. b group, crowd: congregate, segregate, gregarious
  3. c beside, beyond: paraprofessional, parallel, parable, paragraph, paranoid
  4. d move: mobile, motivate, move
  5. e see, look: spectator, prospect, telescope

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  1. five: pentagon, pentathlon, quintuplet, quintet
  2. ask, seek: derogatory, interrogate, perogative
  3. turn around: convoluted, evolution, revolve
  4. death: morbid, immortality, mortify
  5. hang, weigh: append, pending, suspend

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  1. aghand: manufacture, manage, manicure


  2. photowhole: holocaust, hologram ,holistic


  3. tact, tang, tag, tigholy: sacred, sanction, sanctuary


  4. anthrowhole: holocaust, hologram ,holistic


  5. clam, claimbad: malefactor, malevolant, malnutrition


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