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  1. ped
  2. tort, tors
  3. stru, struct
  4. cred
  5. ag
  1. a do, act: agenda, agitate, agile
  2. b build: construct, structure, destruction
  3. c believe: accreditation, credit, incredible
  4. d twist: distort, contort, extort
  5. e child: pediatrician, pedagogy, pedantic

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  1. please: grateful, ingrate, gratuity
  2. bear, carry: csuggest, congestion, infer
  3. see, look: spectator, prospect, telescope
  4. whole: holocaust, hologram ,holistic
  5. bad: malefactor, malevolant, malnutrition

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  1. sym, syn, co, col, com, conheart: accord, courage, cardiac


  2. clud, clusshut: conclusion, seclude, include


  3. subeat: carnivore, herbivore, voracious


  4. ped, podchild: pediatrician, pedagogy, pedantic


  5. kilo, millbad: malefactor, malevolant, malnutrition


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