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  1. tend, tens, tent
  2. dic, dict
  3. sacr, sanct
  4. fect, fic, fac
  5. hosp, host
  1. a make: effect, infect, benefactor
  2. b holy: sacred, sanction, sanctuary
  3. c say, declare: dictionary, predict, interdict
  4. d stretch: attention, tension, extend
  5. e guest, host: hospice, hospital, hostess

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  1. mother: maternal, maternity, matron
  2. turn around: convoluted, evolution, revolve
  3. hemisphere, semicircle, semiannual, semicolon
  4. seven: September, septennial
  5. end: affinity, define, finish, infinity

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  1. photowhole: holocaust, hologram ,holistic


  2. hydrwater: dehydrate, hydraulic, hydrometer


  3. tort, torssame: homogenous, homograph, homonym, homophone


  4. omni, panone: unicycle, unity, uniform, monotone, monopoly, monotone


  5. manend: affinity, define, finish, infinity


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