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  1. grat
  2. cor, cour, cord, card
  3. ven, vent
  4. auto
  5. pater, part
  1. a heart: accord, courage, cardiac
  2. b same, self: autobiography, autograph automatic
  3. c please: grateful, ingrate, gratuity
  4. d father: paternal, patriot, patron
  5. e come: advent, event, venture

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  1. people: democracy, demolition, pandemic
  2. build: construct, structure, destruction
  3. turn around: convoluted, evolution, revolve
  4. out of, outside: eject, exhale, exempt, eclipse
  5. one: unicycle, unity, uniform, monotone, monopoly, monotone

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  1. agdo, act: agenda, agitate, agile


  2. penta, quinthundred: centipede, century


  3. finlife: biology, biography, biosphere


  4. oct, octa, octotwist: distort, contort, extort


  5. hydrwater: dehydrate, hydraulic, hydrometer


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