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  1. mal, male
  2. mens
  3. clud, clus
  4. ven, vent
  5. mater, matri
  1. a come: advent, event, venture
  2. b bad: malefactor, malevolant, malnutrition
  3. c shut: conclusion, seclude, include
  4. d measure: dimmension, immense, measure
  5. e mother: maternal, maternity, matron

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  1. father: paternal, patriot, patron
  2. thousand: kilogram, million, millepede
  3. law, justice: judge, judicious, perjury
  4. teach: doctrinbe, doctor, indoctrinate
  5. see, look: spectator, prospect, telescope

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  1. jectthrow: conjecture, eject, reject


  2. manhand: manufacture, manage, manicure


  3. finhand: manufacture, manage, manicure


  4. ten, tin, tainhold: continue, contain, detain


  5. stru, structdeath: morbid, immortality, mortify


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