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  1. mens
  2. dec, deci, deca
  3. phon, phono
  4. gni, gno
  5. mob, mot, mov
  1. a ten: December, decade, decimeter, decimal, decagon
  2. b measure: dimmension, immense, measure
  3. c sound: telephone, phonic, megaphone
  4. d move: mobile, motivate, move
  5. e learn: agnostic, cognition, ignorance

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  1. hang, weigh: append, pending, suspend
  2. rule, leader, chief: archtitect, anarchy, matriarch
  3. man, human being: anthropology, anthropoid, misanthrope
  4. three: quadruple, quadrangle, tetrameter
  5. same: homogenous, homograph, homonym, homophone

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  1. docplace: local, locate, locomotive


  2. telearound: perimeter, peripheral, periodontal


  3. graph, gramwrite, writing: autograph, telegram, calligraphy


  4. volu, volvturn around: convoluted, evolution, revolve


  5. chronask, seek: derogatory, interrogate, perogative


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