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  1. Wheel
  2. Buddha
  3. Mudra
  4. Shiva
  5. empty throne
  1. a a symbol of Buddha's law
  2. b the Hindu god of creation and destruction
  3. c a symbolic hand gesture in Hindu and Buddhist art
  4. d a symbol of Buddha or his presence
  5. e a fully enlightened being being, Siddhartha is the most famous one

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  1. an afterlife in which reincarnation ends and the soul becomes one with the supreme spirit
  2. Buddhist sculpture
  3. Buddhist sculpture
  4. Hindu Sculpture
  5. a protrusion at the top of the head or the top knot of a Buddha

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  1. Hindu painting compositiontilted up to see the entire object


  2. predellaa symbol of Buddha's law


  3. Lotusa Buddhist or Hindu monastery or temple in Cambodia


  4. Yakshithe Hindu god of creation and destruction


  5. Chaityathe Hindu god of creation and destruction


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