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  1. Urna
  2. Chaitya
  3. Hindu painting composition
  4. Torana
  5. Shiva Nataraja
  1. a a circle of hair on the brows of a buddha figure
  2. b Hindu Sculpture
  3. c a gateway near a stupa that has two upright posts and three horizontal lintels
  4. d a rock cut Buddhist shrine in basilican form with a stupa at the endpoint
  5. e crowded and colorful

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  1. an afterlife in which reincarnation ends and the soul becomes one with the supreme spirit
  2. Hindu architecture
  3. a symbolic hand gesture in Hindu and Buddhist art
  4. female figure of fertility in Buddhist and Hindu art
  5. Buddhist sculpture

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  1. Wheela symbol of Buddha's law


  2. Lotusa symbol of buddha's royalty


  3. Lion Capital from SarnathBuddhist sculpture


  4. Columns surrounded by a wheelBuddhist architecture


  5. predellaa lower base beneath statues of Buddha which can include donar figures or a scene from the life of the buddha


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