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  1. Urna
  2. Shiva Nataraja
  3. Mudra
  4. Lion
  5. Angkor Wat
  1. a a circle of hair on the brows of a buddha figure
  2. b a symbol of buddha's royalty
  3. c a symbolic hand gesture in Hindu and Buddhist art
  4. d Hindu architecture
  5. e Hindu Sculpture

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  1. tilted up to see the entire object
  2. Buddhist architecture
  3. a fully enlightened being being, Siddhartha is the most famous one
  4. a Buddhist or Hindu monastery or temple in Cambodia
  5. a Buddhist deity who refrains from entering nirvana to help others

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  1. Lion Capital from SarnathBuddhist sculpture


  2. Ushnishathe Hindu god of creation and destruction


  3. Buddha Preaching the First Sermon at SarnathBuddhist sculpture


  4. predellaa lower base beneath statues of Buddha which can include donar figures or a scene from the life of the buddha


  5. Columns surrounded by a wheelBuddhist architecture


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