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  1. All of the following are true of high quality protein except
    A) it can support body maintenance.
    B) it can support body growth.
    C) it provides 7 kcal/g of energy.
    D) it contains all essential amino acids.
  2. What is meant by the amino acid sequence of a protein?
    A) Number of side chains in the protein
    B) Order of appearance of amino acids in the peptide chain
    C) Order of appearance of only the essential amino acids in the protein
    D) Folding arrangement of the peptide chain
  3. Treating a protein with acid, heat, or agitation will cause _______________, meaning that the three-dimensional structure of the protein has been altered (it unfolds).
  4. Which of the following is true about protein?
    A) It is made up of combinations of approximately 20 amino acids.
    B) It is made up of combinations of amino acids and fatty acids.
    C) It is unique in that it is the only dietary component that contains selenium.
    D) It is important primarily for increasing bone density.
  1. a Denaturation
  2. b A
  3. c C - it provides 7 kcal/g of energy
  4. d B

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  1. C - pepsin
  2. D - acting as buffers
  3. incomplete
  4. D - those with kidney disease
  5. D - sickle cell anemia

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  1. Today the best estimate for the amount of protein required for nearly all adults is _____ grams per kilogram body weight per day.
    A) 2
    B) 0.6
    C) 1.5
    D) 0.8
    C - the size of his vital organs


  2. In proteins, amino acids are joined by _______________ bondsDenaturation


  3. All of the following are essential amino acids except
    A) lysine.
    B) methionine.
    C) threonine.
    D) alanine.
    C - it provides 7 kcal/g of energy


  4. The basic structure of an amino acid is C carbon atom with four different elements/groups bonded to it. The carbon has a hydrogen atom attached, a carboxyl group (acid group), a __________ , and a generic "R" group, which identifies the amino acid.
    A) sulfhydryl group
    B) hydroxyl group
    C) amino group
    D) methyl group
    C - amino group


  5. Jack weighs 176 pounds. What would be his RDA for protein?
    A) 27 grams
    B) 64 grams
    C) 80 grams
    D) 10 grams
    C - pepsin


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