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  1. Payment Gateways
  2. Electronic Wallets
  3. Distribution Channels
  4. Automatic Deposits
  5. Response Time
  1. a This refers to the movement of products or services from the producer to the consumer.
  2. b The "paperless" transfer of funds from an employer or other agency to the account of an employee or beneficiary. Instead of receiving a check on payday, the employee will receive a check stub only. This saves the employee the inconvenience of a trip to the bank to make the deposit F2F.
  3. c A company that serves as an intermediary for businesses to provide online payment options to customers. Payment gateways handle the technical steps involved in allowing customers to pay for purchases online. Cybercash and ExciteStores are examples.
  4. d A file on a seller's web site that contains buyer information such as buyer name, credit card information, and shipping requirements/preferences.
  5. e The amount of time it takes a seller to respond to a customer's inquiry for purchase or service.

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  1. The conditions which determine a company's ability to make a profit after their expenses are deducted from their income from sales. Variables include overhead such expenses as facility, equipment, inventory, distribution and wages. E-Commerce businesses have improved their overall profitability through the increased productivity achieved through the speed of the internet and the ability to eliminate intermediary costs.
  2. A term that refers to immediate processing of an online purchase.
  3. The use of sophisticated phone systems to conduct meetings with multiple persons at remote locations.
  4. digital communication (as between users) in which there is no timing requirement for transmission of messages; time is not a constraint for the person sending or the person receiving the message.
  5. The methods that a company uses to provide customer service directly from its web site.

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  1. Video-conferencingThe ability to have face-to-face interaction with business counterparts, clients, customers, etc, at remote locations via the internet and computer video capture devices. As the speed of internet connections become faster, the use of video-conferencing is expected to have a major influence on the way we do business. It allows for international "virtual meetings" to occur without the inconvenience of time and travel.


  2. Security ProtocolsAn encrypted number is a number coded in a way that cannot be understood by anyone who is not supposed to use it. In electronic payments, the online seller does not actually receive your credit card information. Instead your encrypted number is sent to the payment gateway. There the number is decoded and sent to your credit card financial institution for approval of your purchase.


  3. Indirect Distribution ChannelsChannels of distribution that require an intermediary such as a retail distributor to add value between the manufacturer and the consumer. The ability to buy online directly from the manufacturer has eliminated the need for Indirect Distribution Channels.


  4. Internet Infrastructurethe computers and software connected to the Internet and the communications networks over which the message packets travel.


  5. Permanent Establishment (PE)physical location of an organization or business for taxation purposes.


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