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  1. Indirect Distribution Channels
  2. Direct Distribution Channels
  3. E-Service
  4. Cyber-Intermediaries
  5. Permanent Establishment (PE)
  1. a A company produces goods or services and then delivers those goods and services to the consumer without using an intermediary. This is a primary benefit to online shopping as consumers prefer immediate delivery.
  2. b Channels of distribution that require an intermediary such as a retail distributor to add value between the manufacturer and the consumer. The ability to buy online directly from the manufacturer has eliminated the need for Indirect Distribution Channels.
  3. c Individuals who develop Internet-based Intermediary solutions.
  4. d The methods that a company uses to provide customer service directly from its web site.
  5. e physical location of an organization or business for taxation purposes.

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  1. The conditions which determine a company's ability to make a profit after their expenses are deducted from their income from sales. Variables include overhead such expenses as facility, equipment, inventory, distribution and wages. E-Commerce businesses have improved their overall profitability through the increased productivity achieved through the speed of the internet and the ability to eliminate intermediary costs.
  2. "Right this instant;" the immediate response to buyer inquiry made possible through the interactive nature of the internet.
  3. a schedule of duties (taxes) imposed by a government on imported goods or in some countries exported goods
  4. Companies that assist consumers by giving them additional cost or product information, understanding local markets, carrying a broader product line, or carrying multiple product categories. Similar to the "middleman," they are a business person such as an agent, broker, or sales representative, who negotiates transactions between a business and a consumer.
  5. the act of becoming worldwide in scope or application

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  1. E-CashDigital cash that is drawn directly from the consumer's bank account and stored in a digital wallet on a hard drive; e-cash is also known as Scrip, digital cash, or digital coins.


  2. Domain NameA common feature of an electronic commerce site that keeps track of the items a customer has selected to purchase and that lets the customer view and update the contents of the cart, add new items to it, or remove items from it.


  3. The Floata schedule of duties (taxes) imposed by a government on imported goods or in some countries exported goods


  4. AsynchronousAn encrypted representation of a paper check. Checks are written and sent electronically.


  5. GlobalizationThe process of becoming global or world wide. In e-Commerce this refers to the removal of the geographic boundaries that traditionally exist between the seller and the customer.


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