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  1. Video-conferencing
  2. Teleconferencing
  3. Internet Infrastructure
  4. Continuous Inventory Control
  5. Distribution Channels
  1. a The use of sophisticated phone systems to conduct meetings with multiple persons at remote locations.
  2. b The process of managing product inventory where the information is updated instantaneously each time there is an increase or decrease to the stock-in-hand. This is the type of inventory management that is necessary to e-Commerce businesses as it enables the seller to provide customers with product availability information that is current.
  3. c This refers to the movement of products or services from the producer to the consumer.
  4. d The ability to have face-to-face interaction with business counterparts, clients, customers, etc, at remote locations via the internet and computer video capture devices. As the speed of internet connections become faster, the use of video-conferencing is expected to have a major influence on the way we do business. It allows for international "virtual meetings" to occur without the inconvenience of time and travel.
  5. e the computers and software connected to the Internet and the communications networks over which the message packets travel.

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  1. The methods that a company uses to provide customer service directly from its web site.
  2. Every domain name has a suffix that indicates which top level domain (TLD) it belongs to. These are often indicative of the origin or type of site to which the domain name points. Example: in the URL--
  3. a schedule of duties (taxes) imposed by a government on imported goods or in some countries exported goods
  4. A new trend in education and training whereby courses are offered via the internet from a remote site. This allows for prospective students to access and receive credit for courses without geographical limitations and schedule constraints. Both secondary and post-secondary institutions have been able to increase their profitability through additional programs and enrollment with minimal overhead costs.
  5. the ratio at which the principal unit of two currencies may be traded; international businesses offer this information as a customer service.

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  1. E-CashDigital cash that is drawn directly from the consumer's bank account and stored in a digital wallet on a hard drive; e-cash is also known as Scrip, digital cash, or digital coins.


  2. Response TimeThe methods that a company uses to provide customer service directly from its web site.


  3. Income TaxesCompanies that assist consumers by giving them additional cost or product information, understanding local markets, carrying a broader product line, or carrying multiple product categories. Similar to the "middleman," they are a business person such as an agent, broker, or sales representative, who negotiates transactions between a business and a consumer.


  4. E-ChecksAn encrypted representation of a paper check. Checks are written and sent electronically.


  5. Cyber-IntermediariesIndividuals who develop Internet-based Intermediary solutions.


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