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  1. Mollusk
  2. Glomerular Capsule
  3. pseudopod
  4. Spirillum
  5. Cocklebur
  1. a spirally twisted elongate rodlike prokaryote usually living in stagnant water
  2. b Bilateral, soft-bodied animals with a reduced coelom.
  3. c plants that have prickly fruits and are related to the thistle
  4. d a double-walled globe at the proximal end of a nephron that encloses the glomerular capillaries. aka Bowman's capsule
  5. e A temporary, foot-like extension of a cell, used for locomotion or engulfing food

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  1. Alert the immune system
  2. a plants growth in response to touch
  3. very small branches of bronchi that extend into the lungs
  4. funguslike protist composed of branching filaments of cells
  5. Seven, a horizontal, underground stem that produces new leaves, shoots, and roots

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  1. Temporal Lobeportion that lies below the frontal lobe, responsible for hearing, taste, and smell


  2. Coronary ArteryThe artery that supplies heart tissue with blood


  3. sinkany plant region where products are being used or stored


  4. Casparian StripThe body has a front to back axis, with an anchor/ leading end and a posterior/ trailing end.


  5. VirusFree living, sexually immature stage in the development of many kinds of animals, one that precedes the adult form


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