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  1. Root Nodule
  2. Appendix
  3. Muscle Tissue
  4. Lateral Bud
  5. Disease
  1. a a state in which the body is not functioning normally
  2. b Buds along the sides of a stem that givie rise to new branches.
  3. c lump on a plant root that contains nitrogen-fixing bacteria
  4. d small pouch, which has no function in digestion, attached to the cecum
  5. e made up of many cells arranges in parallel with one another, in tight or loose arrays. coordinated contractions of layers or rings of muscles move the whole body or it's component parts

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  1. The most widespread connective tissue in the vertebrate body. It binds epithelia to underlying tissues and functions as packing material, holding organs in place.
  2. runs upward in the neck and divides into the external and internal carotid arteries
  3. the spore-producing individual or phase in the life cycle of a plant having alternation of generations
  4. The hard front portion of the roof of the mouth and floor of the nasal cavity
  5. A misdirected attack against one's own tissues

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  1. Coccusany spherical or nearly spherical bacteria


  2. T CellAct against body cells that have specific antigen bits attached


  3. lymph nodecontains specialized lymphocytes that are capable of destroying pathogens


  4. Uterusorgan of the female reproductive system in which a fertilized egg can develop


  5. Nitrogen Fixationprocess of converting nitrogen gas into ammonia that plants can absorb


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