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  1. Strobilus
  2. Gastric Fluid
  3. Bryophyte
  4. tetrapod
  5. downy mildew
  1. a group of plants that have specialized reproductive organs but lack vascular tissue; includes mosses and their relatives
  2. b a liquid secreted by glands in the stomach
  3. c major plant pathogens that include the species responsoblf fo rthe mid 1800s Irish potato famine
  4. d insects, Compact cluster of spore-bearing structures found in seedless vascular plants
  5. e a vertebrate animal having four feet or legs or leglike appendages

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  1. Type of tissue that transports food and water
  2. in cnidarians, a stinging cell that is used to inject a toxin into prey
  3. contain vascular tissue, produce lignin, have true: roots, stems, and leaves
  4. Chemical used by a neuron to transmit an impulse across a synapse to another cell
  5. gland that releases its secretions through tubelike structures called ducts

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  1. Where does the digestion of carbohydrates and proteins end?Small Intestine


  2. Tendonfrom 405 million to 345 million years ago. when animals first started walking


  3. Pressure Flow TheoryWater, by osmosis, creates pressure along with the sucrose already in the phloem and pushed solution toward sink


  4. Smooth Muscle Tissuea kind of body tissue containing stored fat that serves as a source of energy


  5. extracellular digestion and absorptionPlant tissues that are neither vascular nor dermal, fulfilling a variety of functions, such as storage, photosynthesis, and support.


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