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  1. How do cocklebur, bur clover, and bedstraw seeds get transported?
  2. Small Intestine
  3. Gut
  4. Tissue
  5. Integrator
  1. a the pouch where food is digested in animals
  2. b They have hooks, spines, hairs, or sticky surfaces that can adhere to feathers, feet, or fur
  3. c digestive organ in which most chemical digestion takes place
  4. d a part of an organism consisting of an aggregate of cells having a similar structure and function
  5. e control center; determines the set point at which the variable is maintained; receives input from receptor; determines appropriate response

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  1. the intricate fabric of interconnected neural cells that covers the cerebral hemispheres; the body's ultimate control and information-processing center
  2. organ of the female reproductive system in which a fertilized egg can develop
  3. a type of vertebrate having a rigid skeleton, with bony spines, and a mouth at the apex of the body
  4. Needle-bearing tree that produce seeds in cones
  5. limbic system component that regulates hunger, body temperature and other functions

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  1. Intervertebral DisksThe posterior portion of the brain that controles movement and muscle coordination


  2. tetrapoda vertebrate animal having four feet or legs or leglike appendages


  3. Nitrogen FixationEvaporation of water molecules from leaves, stems, and other plant pars. Especially through stomata


  4. Osteoclastcell that functions in the breakdown and resorption of bone tissue


  5. Apical MeristemA meristem that thickens the roots and shoots of woody plants.


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