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  1. Hydrophilic
  2. Cotyledon
  3. Integrator
  4. Sensory Receptor
  5. Primary Motor Cortex
  1. a Cells or cell parts that detect stimuli. They then send signals to the brain
  2. b control center; determines the set point at which the variable is maintained; receives input from receptor; determines appropriate response
  3. c The region of the cerebral cortex that directly controls the movements of the body; located posterior to the frontal lobes
  4. d having a strong affinity for water molecules
  5. e first leaf or first pair of leaves produced by the embryo of a seed plant

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  1. the pressure that is exerted by the blood against the walls of blood vessels
  2. studied split brain patients; showed that left/right hemispheres have different functions
  3. Pertaining to a taxon derived from a single ancestral species that gave rise to no species in any other taxa.
  4. Strong, but flexible enough to allow movement
    Reinforced by ligaments
  5. Epithelium that has cells that form two or more layers

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  1. Kidney Medullaa nerve cell that relays messages between nerve cells, especially in the brain and spinal cord


  2. Cartilagenous fishfish that have skeletons made out of cartiledge, like sharks, scales and rays


  3. peripheral nervous systemroot system made up of one large root and many small, thin roots


  4. SinusCavity within a bone, filled with air and lined with mucous membrane


  5. Simple Epitheliummembranous sac enclosing the heart


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