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  1. Council of Trent
  2. heretic
  3. agriculture
  4. Martin Luther
  5. status during Renaissance
  1. a person who speaks opinions that disagree with beliefs of the church
  2. b determined by wealth and ability
  3. c two goals: stop church abuse and uphold traditional Catholic beliefs
  4. d nailed 95 Theses to church door
  5. e farming

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  1. determined by birthright
  2. taught theory of predestination
  3. brought back by Catholic church to stop spread of Protestantism
  4. rebirth/revival of interest in Greek/Roman art, literature, learning
  5. wordly rather than religious

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  1. Humanists' beliefspublic service, individual wealth, well-rounded education, develop skills


  2. nobles to kingstaught theory of predestination


  3. commercetrade


  4. plaguedisease that spreads and is usually deadly


  5. indulgencestrade


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