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Chapter 18 Test

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  1. Ethane
  2. Functional Group
  3. Liquid
  4. Pentane
  5. Propane
  1. a C3H8
  2. b part of the molecule having specific arrangement of the atom that is largely responsible for chemical behavior of parent molecules
  3. c C5H12
  4. d C2H6
  5. e 5-16 carbons are what state at room temp?

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  1. C6H14
  2. all carbon atoms connected to each other by single bonds, are the simplest hydrocarbons
  3. C8H18
  4. individual small units that make up a polymer Iso
  5. said to have distinct aromas.

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  1. Alkynecontains a triple bond between two carbon atoms


  2. double bond-yne


  3. Replacing part of a hydrocarbon with functional groupschanges the structural properties and uses that we have for compounds


  4. DecaneC10H22


  5. Crackingcontains a triple bond between two carbon atoms


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