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  1. triple bond
  2. Methane
  3. Monomer
  4. double bond
  5. Fractional Distillation
  1. a individual small units that make up a polymer Iso
  2. b -yne
  3. c -ene
  4. d repeated vaporizaton-condensation cycles that provide substance separations to allow fractions with one or few compounds to be isolated, performed since different hydrocarbons have different boiling points
  5. e CH4

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  1. said to have distinct aromas.
  2. changes the structural properties and uses that we have for compounds
  3. uses catalysts or high temps in the absence of air to break down or rearrange large hydroarbons
  4. C7H16
  5. C8H18

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  1. NonaneC10H22


  2. PentaneC5H12


  3. LiquidC6H14


  4. Polymera large molecule that is made up of many smaller, repeating units


  5. PropaneC5H12


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