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  1. Congruent Segments
  2. Theorem 3.10
  3. Ruler Postulate
  4. Area of a Square
  5. Angle Addition Postulate
  1. a line segments that have the same length
  2. b S^2
  3. c If two sides of two adjacent acute angles are perpendicular, then the angles are complementary
  4. d If P is in the interior of <RST, then the measure of <RST is equal to the sum of the measures of <RSP and <PST
  5. e the distance between points A and B written as AB, is the absolute value of the difference of the coordinates A and B

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  1. Through any three noncollinear points there exists exactly one plane
  2. if two lines are perpendicular, then they intersect to form four right angles
  3. a = b, then b = a
  4. (x2-x1)^2 + (y2-y1)^2; square root that answer
  5. if two lines are cut by a transversal so the alternate exterior angles are congruent, then the lines are parallel

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  1. Subtraction POEif a = b, then ac = bc


  2. Postulate 7If two lines intersect, then their intersection is exactly one point


  3. Paragraph Proofif they do not intersect and are coplanar


  4. Theorem 3.12In a plane, if two lines are perpendicular to the same line, then they are parallel to each other


  5. Segment Addition Postulateif B is between A and C, then AB+BC=AC If AB+BC=AC, then B is between A and C


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