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  1. Ephesians
  2. Ephesus, smyrna, Pergamum, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, Laodicea
  3. gnosticism
  4. Diotrephes
  5. Gaius
  1. a Which letter emphasizes the Unity of Christ
  2. b "the spirit is food, the flesh is evil"
  3. c Bad guys name in 3 John
  4. d Who was 3 John addressed to?
  5. e What are the 7 Churches of Asia?

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  1. Where does Paul most emphasize need for strong leaders?
  2. What are some problems found in 1 Corinthians?
  3. "I've been crucified with Christ ______
  4. which john is not hospitable
  5. Books directly addressing Christian persecution

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  1. JudeWhich books shares topics with the sermon on the Mt?


  2. The believing Jesus didn't come in the fleshwhat is doecitism


  3. 2nd Peterwhich john is not hospitable


  4. the crucifixtionwhat is of first importance in Paul's teachings


  5. Anyone who doesn't believe Jesus did not come in the fleshwhat is doecitism


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