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  1. Overcoming and receiving blessing
  2. The believing Jesus didn't come in the flesh
  3. knowledge
  4. Gaius
  5. The Church
  1. a The chosen lady and her children are a reference to who?
  2. b what is doecitism
  3. c What is the overarching message of Revelation
  4. d Who was 3 John addressed to?
  5. e What does the Greek work nosis mean

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  1. Which book talks about 2 apocraphol books
  2. Where did Paul first go when he entered a city and start teaching?
  3. Which book deals most with sexual immorality
  4. Books directly addressing Christian persecution
  5. What letter is similar to Ephesians?

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  1. 2 ThessaloniansWhich book talks about the man of lawlessness


  2. 2nd Peterwhich john is not hospitable


  3. 1 JohnWhich letter addresses false teachers denying Jesus came in flesh?


  4. EphesiansWhich letter emphasizes the Unity of Christ


  5. RevelationRevelation was written under the persecution of which Roman Emperor


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