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  1. Faith
  2. 1 John
  3. Lord's Supper, marriage, food sacrificed to idols,
  4. Paul
  5. 1 John - jesus's half brother
    2 & 3 John - The Elder John
    Revelation- John the brother of James
  1. a Know something about the different Johns
  2. b Which apostle gets the most attention in Acts?
  3. c Which book emphasizes walking in the light
  4. d What are some problems found in 1 Corinthians?
  5. e The central theme of Romans is?

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  1. what is the prominent theme of Acts?
  2. which John encourages hospitality
  3. Bad guys name in 3 John
  4. What book is like Jude?
  5. Libertineism means?

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  1. Anyone who doesn't believe Jesus did not come in the fleshWho does the antichrist refer to?


  2. JudeBooks directly addressing Christian persecution


  3. Prophetic, eschatalogical, apocolypticwhat are are the 3 literary types of revelation


  4. 13Which apostle gets the most attention in Acts?


  5. synagogueWhich apostle gets the most attention in Acts?


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