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  1. Never the less I live, yet not I but Christ lives in me
  2. The Church
  3. The believing Jesus didn't come in the flesh
  4. Freedom from Sin
  5. suffering, opposition, collection
  1. a what is doecitism
  2. b what are major topics in 1 & 2 Corinthians?
  3. c What is Romans 6 about?
  4. d The chosen lady and her children are a reference to who?
  5. e "I've been crucified with Christ ______

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  1. Which book talks about 2 apocraphol books
  2. Books directly addressing Christian persecution
  3. Which books shares topics with the sermon on the Mt?
  4. what is of first importance in Paul's teachings
  5. what is the prominent theme of Acts?

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  1. EschatologyWhat word (not apocalyptic) means end of things?


  2. gnosticismWhat letter is similar to Ephesians?


  3. CorneliusWhat was the name of the 1st Gentile convert?


  4. 2 JohnWhich book emphasizes walking in the light


  5. 1 & 2 Timothy and TitusWhat are known as the Pastoral Epistles?


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