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  1. d
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  1. a In fresco painting, a drawing called a ________ is transferred to the prepared surface prior to applying the pigment.
    a. Cartoon
    b. mosaic
    c. collage
    d. gouache
    e. sketch
  2. b A nonaqueous paint is one that:
    a. is less expensive than most.
    b. produces the most brilliant colors.
    c. dissolves in water.
    d. dissolves in something other than water.
    e. is very fast-drying.
  3. c ________ process.
    a. planography
    b. Relief
    c. monotype
    d. serigraphy
    e. photographic
  4. d In painting and drawing, artists often use the technique of ________ to describe the way shadows and light define the mass of forms.
    a. refraction
    b. spatial organization
    c. isometric perspective
    d. simultaneous contrast
    e. Chiaroscuro

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  1. ________ is/are among the materials besides paper that have provided support for drawings.
    a. Silk
    b. Fired clay
    c. Cave walls
    d. All of these answers are correct.
    e. Papyrus
  2. A black-and-white photograph of a scene eliminates the hues and intensities of the scene's colors but captures the ________ of the colors.
    a. pigments
    b. chromas
    c. harmonies
    d. Values
    e. All of these answers are correct.
  3. The printing technique invented by a German playwright in search of an inexpensive means of publishing his plays is:
    a. wood engraving.
    b. serigraphy.
    c. stone relief.
    d. aquatint.
    e. lithography.
  4. In art, shapes that suggest forms found in nature are called ________ shapes.
    a. Organic
    b. real
    c. geometric
    d. environmental
    e. three-dimensional
  5. After building a canvas and before painting it, a painter generally applies a coat of:
    a. fresco.
    b. linseed oil.
    c. primer.
    d. a nonaqueous medium.
    e. None of these answers is correct.

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  1. c"Passive pink" refers to the color that:
    a. recedes in a monochromatic color scheme where pure red dominates.
    b. results from combining a warm red with a cooler hue.
    c. seemed to calm and relax violent children in studies of colors' effects upon the mind and body.
    d. is the normal value of red.
    e. None of these answers is correct.


  2. cA rubber stamp creates what type of print?
    a. Lithograph
    b. Silkscreen
    c. Relief
    d. Intaglio
    e. None of these answers is correct.


  3. dTechnically, tempera is paint in which the vehicle is in:
    a. a pigment.
    b. an impasto.
    c. a ground.
    d. an emulsion.
    e. a glaze.


  4. eIn oil painting, linseed oil acts as:
    a. a pigment.
    b. a ground.
    c. a border.
    d. a support.
    e. a binder.


  5. cCharles White's Untitled illustrates the technique of:
    a. hatching.
    b. atmospheric perspective.
    c. impasto.
    d. saturation.
    e. foreshortening.


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