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  1. True or false: The difference between role and status is that we occupy a status and play a role.
  2. True or false: Karl Marx was an avowed atheist who characterized religion as "the opium of the people."
  3. Sociologically, a family that consists of a husband, wife and children is called a ________.
  4. What term does Durkheim use to describe the degree to which members of a society are united by shared values and other social bonds?
  1. a True
  2. b social integration
  3. c nuclear family
  4. d TRue

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  1. agents of socialization
  2. True
  3. False
  4. Chicago Cubs fans
  5. ideal culture

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  1. Leo, Ryan, and Matthew regularly interact with one another and share similar values, norms, and expectations. In view of this, which concept MOST applies to their relationship?They are a group.


  2. The ________ theory developed by Robert Merton is based on the idea that most people want to attain cultural goals, but not everyone has the legitimate means of achieving them.strain


  3. In the context of dramaturgy, impression management deals with ____________.ideal culture


  4. How has the age of the average first-time bride and groom in the United States changed since 1890?Both the bride and groom are older than at any other time.


  5. Next week, Abraham and Hazel will attend the bar mitzvah of their nephew. Their nephew's bar mitzvah is an example of a religious ________.It is his family of orientation.


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