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Chapter 4: Cell Structure & Function Test

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  1. endomembrane system
  2. cytoplasm
  3. secretion
  4. pseudopod
  5. endoplasmic reticulum
  1. a A temporary, foot-like extension of a cell, used for locomotion or engulfing food
  2. b a network of tubular membranes within the cytoplasm of the cell, occurring either with a smooth surface (smooth endoplasmic reticulum) or studded with ribosomes (rough endoplasmic reticulum), involved in the transport of materials.
  3. c The collection of membranes inside and around a eukaryotic cell, related either through direct physical contact or by the transfer of membranous vesicles; includes the smooth and rough endoplasmic reticulum, the Golgi apparatus, lysosomes, and vacuoles.
  4. d the region of a cell located inside the cell membrane (in prokaryotes) or between the cell membrane and nucleus (in eukaryotes); contains a gel-like material and cell organelles
  5. e a functionally specialized substance (especially one that is not a waste) released from a gland or cell by exocytosis

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  1. Photosynthetic, oxygen-producing bacteria (formerly known as blue-green algae).
  2. small membrane-bound sac that functions in moving products into, out of, and within a cell
  3. the smallest unit that can perform all life processes; cells are covered by a membrane and contain DNA and cytoplasm
  4. in eukaryotic cells, the cell organelle that is surrounded by two membranes and that is the site of cellular respiration, which produces ATP
  5. region of cytoplasmic material that in animal cells contains structures called centrioles

5 True/False Questions

  1. cell envelopein a prokaryotic cell, the portion composed of the plasma membrane, the cell wall and the gycocalyx


  2. ciliumany spherical or nearly spherical bacteria


  3. leucoplastColorless plastids that synthesize and store starches and oils


  4. cell theoryin a prokaryotic cell, the portion composed of the plasma membrane, the cell wall and the gycocalyx


  5. surface-area-to volume ratiorope-like assemblies of fibrous polypeptides in the cytoskeleton that provide support and strength to cells; A component of the cytoskeleton that includes all filaments intermediate in size between microtubules and microfilaments.


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