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  1. Replacement
  2. Matter
  3. Chemical Reaction
  4. Fireworks are also known as
  5. Open System
  1. a A reaction in which one element replaces another in a compound, or when two elements in different compounds trade places.
  2. b Aerial shells/charges
  3. c A change in matter that produces one ore more new substances
  4. d Anything that has mass and takes up space
  5. e Matter can enter or escape to the surroundings

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  1. Oxygen,Fuel,Heat
  2. The study of matter and how matter changes
  3. proteins that act as biological catalysts and lower the activation energy of reactions in cells
  4. A Characteristic of a substance that describes its ability to change into another substance
  5. A reaction in which energy is absorbed

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  1. Closed SystemMatter can enter or escape to the surroundings


  2. CombustionA chemical Reaction that breaks down compounds into simpler products


  3. FuelA material that releases energy when it burns


  4. Physical ChangeA characteristic of a substance into another substance


  5. PrecipitateA solid that forms from solution during a chemical reaction


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