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  1. paramecium, amoeba, cilliates
  2. Single-celled consumers, also known as protozoa. There are four groups of animal- like protists.
  3. producers that provide food got most other water-dwelling organisms and produce most of the worlds oxygen. ex) diatoms
  4. combination of animals-like and plantlike protists.
  5. evolved from ancient bacteria about 2 billion years ago

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  1. Host Algaealgae that invades another organism


  2. Protist reproductionevolved from ancient bacteria about 2 billion years ago


  3. Types of ProtistsFunguslike, Plantlike, and Animallike


  4. 4 Different Types of Animal-like ProtistsAmoeba like, Flagellates, Cilliates, and Spore-forming Protists.


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