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  1. combination of animals-like and plantlike protists.
  2. paramecium, amoeba, cilliates
  3. many reproduce asexually (or by binary fission) but some also do reproduce sexually such as Paramecium, and some even alternate the types of reproduction from one generation to the other.
  4. algae that invades another organism
  5. Funguslike, Plantlike, and Animallike

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  1. phytoplanktonproducers that provide food got most other water-dwelling organisms and produce most of the worlds oxygen. ex) diatoms


  2. Types of AlgaeDinoflagellates, Red Algae, Brown Algae, Green Algae


  3. Parasitealgae that invades another organism


  4. Types of funguslike protistsslime molds, water molds


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