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  1. melfeasance
  2. maladroit
  3. bon vivant
  4. adjudicate
  5. battlement
  1. a a defense wall with alternating high and low sections
  2. b misconduct
  3. c a person who enjoys good food and drinks
  4. d to act as a judge
  5. e clumsy; socially clumsy

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  1. the misuse of a word, especially when unintentional, with comic effect
  2. to claim that something is true without necessarily having proof
  3. a country entirely or mostly enclosed within the territory of another country; a district or group isolated or enclosed with a larger one
  4. to seek to improve through punishment
  5. pleasant sounds

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  1. euphemismhaving a strong, bitter taste or smell


  2. judiciousprecise


  3. cartographera maker of maps or charts


  4. bellicosewarlike


  5. casuistrya keyboard instrument


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