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  1. debonair
  2. beatific
  3. concession
  4. licentious
  5. intercede
  1. a demonstrating extreme joy or blessedness
  2. b lacking moral discipline or self-restraint, especially in sexual matters
  3. c to act on another's behalf; to mediate in a dispute
  4. d the act of granting or yielding; permission by authority for special use, especially the privilege of setting up a business in a certain place
  5. e suave

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  1. pertaining to a diameter; exactly or completely opposite
  2. the use of a mild, vague word instead of a more explicit one
  3. to assemble people; to gather
  4. a mountebank; something that separates itself from the community or the normal standard often with fearful results
  5. an object, such as the sun or moon; a person who is outstanding in a particular field

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  1. abrogateto take or claim with permission or authority


  2. chastento seek to improve through punishment


  3. pungentshinning; translucent


  4. belligerentwarlike


  5. cartelan organization of firms in the same industry for the purpose of regulating production, pricing and marketing of foods and decreasing competition by members; a coalition of political or special-interest groups to achieve a common cause


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