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  1. euphemism
  2. bellicose
  3. diametrical
  4. surrogate
  5. hortatory
  1. a the use of a mild, vague word instead of a more explicit one
  2. b warlike
  3. c marked by a strong urging to take some action
  4. d pertaining to a diameter; exactly or completely opposite
  5. e a substitute

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  1. inflicting or intending punishment
  2. lying
  3. someone who lives alone and avoids company
  4. authentic
  5. kindly

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  1. beatificdemonstrating extreme joy or blessedness


  2. vindictivean abusive attack or criticism


  3. aestheticpertaining to an appreciation of beauty


  4. Occidentdeclining or decaying; a person who is decaying mentally or morally; a member of a group of nineteenth century French and English artists who were inspired by artificial and morbid things


  5. debonairsuave


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