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  1. bellicose
  2. battlement
  3. arbitrary
  4. conjure
  5. malgin
  1. a a defense wall with alternating high and low sections
  2. b to cause to happen as if by magic; to summon a spirit by magic spell
  3. c random
  4. d to speak harmful untruths about someone or something; intending harm or evil
  5. e warlike

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  1. an object, such as the sun or moon; a person who is outstanding in a particular field
  2. alteration or improvement of writing to remove errors
  3. the act of granting or yielding; permission by authority for special use, especially the privilege of setting up a business in a certain place
  4. kindly, not malignant
  5. misconduct

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  1. pugilista fist fighter


  2. apocalypsesomeone who lives alone and avoids company


  3. benignanta blessing


  4. probityimpeccable integrity


  5. casuistrythe use of moral principles to reason out what is right or wrong in everyday situations; subtle but misleading or false application of reasoning


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