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  1. bona fide
  2. concession
  3. occlusion
  4. expunge
  5. decadent
  1. a the act of granting or yielding; permission by authority for special use, especially the privilege of setting up a business in a certain place
  2. b authentic
  3. c an obstruction
  4. d declining or decaying; a person who is decaying mentally or morally; a member of a group of nineteenth century French and English artists who were inspired by artificial and morbid things
  5. e to omit

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  1. to command or urge solemnly
  2. a cover for a coffin or tomb; a coffin
  3. to assemble people; to gather
  4. warlike
  5. 1. the art of predicting events by allegedly communicating with the death; black magic

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  1. pungentshinning; translucent


  2. apolexya stroke


  3. depredationalteration or improvement of writing to remove errors


  4. reclusesomeone who lives alone and avoids company


  5. compunctionalteration or improvement of writing to remove errors


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