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  1. recidivism
  2. belligerent
  3. diadem
  4. pallid
  5. enclave
  1. a a relapse into a former habit, especially criminal or antisocial behavior
  2. b a crown or headband worn as a sign of authority
  3. c a country or persons engaged in warfare or hostile action, behaving in a hostile or aggressive manner
  4. d deficient in color; lacking color
  5. e a country entirely or mostly enclosed within the territory of another country; a district or group isolated or enclosed with a larger one

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  1. to take or claim with permission or authority
  2. the use of moral principles to reason out what is right or wrong in everyday situations; subtle but misleading or false application of reasoning
  3. pertaining to a diameter; exactly or completely opposite
  4. 1. the art of predicting events by allegedly communicating with the death; black magic
  5. a keyboard instrument

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  1. musterto assemble people; to gather


  2. censorto criticize harshly


  3. malingerto pretend to be sick or injured in order to evade responsibilities


  4. conclavea private


  5. batterya beating or pounding, especially an unlawful beating as in assault and battery; guns or heavy artillery; a group of similar things used together


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