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  1. mendicant
  2. malaise
  3. punctilious
  4. expunge
  5. perogative
  1. a precise
  2. b a right or privilege belonging to a particular person
  3. c a beggar
  4. d to omit
  5. e a vague feeling of ill health or depression

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  1. pleasant sounds
  2. the act of granting or yielding; permission by authority for special use, especially the privilege of setting up a business in a certain place
  3. to take or claim with permission or authority
  4. supreme blessedness; a series of declarations about blessedness made by Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount
  5. the study of improving species, especially human beings by genetic control such as discouraging the reproduction of individuals presumed to have undesirable innate traits and encouraging the reproduction of those with desirable traits

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  1. umbrageextreme offense


  2. perjuryto command or urge solemnly


  3. punitiveinflicting or intending punishment


  4. melfeasance1. the art of predicting events by allegedly communicating with the death; black magic


  5. enclavea keyboard instrument


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