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  1. reproof
  2. beatitude
  3. muster
  4. umbrage
  5. accede
  1. a supreme blessedness; a series of declarations about blessedness made by Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount
  2. b to assemble people; to gather
  3. c to consent; to take office
  4. d an expression of criticism for a fault or misdeed
  5. e extreme offense

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  1. destruction
  2. a representative sent on a special mission, especially one representing the pope
  3. a mountebank; something that separates itself from the community or the normal standard often with fearful results
  4. to clear from blame
  5. having a strong, bitter taste or smell

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  1. castogateto take or claim with permission or authority


  2. illicitillegal


  3. arbitrateto judge or decide in the manner of umpire or person granted power to make a decision


  4. relegateto banish to a place of exile


  5. vindictiverevengeful


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