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  1. intercede
  2. conjure
  3. diadem
  4. aesthete
  5. pall
  1. a a cover for a coffin or tomb; a coffin
  2. b a crown or headband worn as a sign of authority
  3. c to act on another's behalf; to mediate in a dispute
  4. d a person who cultivates a superior appreciation of beauty
  5. e to cause to happen as if by magic; to summon a spirit by magic spell

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  1. light emitted by means other than burning, such as chemical or biochemical action or radiation
  2. a private
  3. the misuse of a word, especially when unintentional, with comic effect
  4. random
  5. a blessing

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  1. denigrateto speak badly of someone's character or reputation


  2. perjuryto command or urge solemnly


  3. rogueto abolish


  4. remonstrateto speak in protest or disapproval


  5. concessionuneasiness caused by guilt


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