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  1. surrogate
  2. boon
  3. punitive
  4. licentious
  5. subpoena
  1. a jolly
  2. b inflicting or intending punishment
  3. c a substitute
  4. d lacking moral discipline or self-restraint, especially in sexual matters
  5. e a legal requirement that someone or something appear in court to give or be evidence

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  1. praise
  2. a small sin
  3. someone who commits a crime
  4. to punish
  5. to yield or surrender rights or possessions

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  1. daunta cover for a coffin or tomb; a coffin


  2. depredationdestruction


  3. perjurythe intentional giving of false evidence or breaking of an oath


  4. arrogateto take or claim with permission or authority


  5. abjureto reduce in quantity or intensity


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