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  1. Force Definition
  2. 1 Newton
  3. Potential Energy
  4. Kinetic Energy
  5. W=Fd
  1. a 1Kg/S^2
  2. b a push or a pull in a given direction
  3. c The result of energy from motion of an object
  4. d formula for work
  5. e How much energy is stored in an object

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  1. shows the change in something
  2. Force = mass x acceleration
  3. t=d/s
  4. velocity has direction
  5. Force formula

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  1. Unit for Potential EnergyJoules


  2. m in KE and PE formulasmass


  3. Vf-Vi/tFormula for Acceleration


  4. g in PE formulaheight in meters


  5. Unit for forceWatts, or W


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