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  1. Newton's 3rd Law
  2. P=W/t
  3. Kinetic Energy
  4. Newton's 1st law
  5. W=Fd
  1. a for every action force there is an equal and opposite reaction force
  2. b objects will remain in motion or stay at rest until acted upon by an unbalanced force
  3. c The result of energy from motion of an object
  4. d formula for work
  5. e Formula for power

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  1. initial velocity + acceleration*time
  2. ft-lbs/s
  3. Gravitational force, electrical force, magnetic force
  4. The ability to do work
  5. Frictional force, normal force, air resistance force, tension force, applied force, spring force, elastic force

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  1. Horsepower FormulaHP=P/550


  2. Time formulat=d/s


  3. Vectorshows the change in something


  4. Unit for forceKg


  5. F=MaMass formula


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