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  1. Time formula
  2. F=Ma
  3. Final Velocity Formula
  4. A in the pressure formula
  5. Unit for acceleration
  1. a Force formula
  2. b initial velocity + acceleration*time
  3. c M/s^2
  4. d t=d/s
  5. e Area

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  1. slow down, speed up, change direction
  2. Frictional force, normal force, air resistance force, tension force, applied force, spring force, elastic force
  3. Newtons
  4. 9.8m/s^2
  5. 1Kg/S^2

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  1. Difference between speed and velocityThe result of energy from motion of an object


  2. h in PE formulaheight in meters


  3. Inertiathe tendency of an object to resist any change in its motion


  4. m in KE and PE formulasheight in meters


  5. Horsepower FormulaHP=P/550


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