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  1. pain tolerance
  2. Young infants respond to pain with tachycardia and increased blood pressure.
  3. acetaminophen.
  4. opiate like blocking agents in the CNS.
  5. pain caused by inflammation.

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  1. The impulse related to acute pain are usually transmitted by:Severe pain that can not be controlled by meds


  2. What is a common analgesic admisinstered to control a moderate level of pain?acetaminophen.


  3. Which of the following occurs frequently with acute pain but not with chronic pain?acetaminophen.


  4. Which of the following applies to spinal anesthesia?The drug is injected into the CSF or the epidural space of the spinal cord.


  5. A headache that is related to changes in cerebral blood flow is classified as a/an _____headache.migraine


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