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  1. codeine
  2. opiate like blocking agents in the CNS.
  3. pain caused by inflammation.
  4. myelinated A delta fibers.
  5. pain receptors that are stimulated by thermal, chemical, or physical means.

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  1. A headache that is related to changes in cerebral blood flow is classified as a/an _____headache.migraine


  2. In which structure do pain impulses ascend the spinal cord?Severe pain that can not be controlled by meds


  3. Which of the following statements is true?Young infants respond to pain with tachycardia and increased blood pressure.


  4. Which of the following analgesics act to reduce pain at the peripheral site?acetaminophen.


  5. Pain perceived in the L arm during the course of a heart attack is an example of?the spinothalamic tract


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