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  1. Florence
  2. Jan Van Eyck
  3. Rome
  4. ideas of humanism
  5. Pieter Brueghel
  1. a city known for banking and art
  2. b 1. People are important
    2. It is important to be happy during life on earth
    3. Humans are capable of accomplishing great things
  3. c painter who made it look like his paintings took place in the Renaissance even though they don't
  4. d painter whose paintings are full of symbolism
  5. e city known for architecture

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  1. Poet from Italy who wrote sonnets to his love who died in the plague
  2. invention that allows books to be made and humanist ideas to be spread
  3. Period from about 1350 to 1550, when there was a rebirth of classical values and art.
  4. the guiding philosophy of the renaissance
  5. the belief that people should develop their talents through many activities: politics, sports, and the arts.

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  1. Da Vincicity known for trade


  2. Thomas Morecreated the idea of Utopia, the perfect world


  3. getting into heaven or helllife's only purpose during the middle ages


  4. PatronPoet from Italy who wrote sonnets to his love who died in the plague


  5. Johannes GutenbergWrote plays- comedies, tragedies, and histories


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