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  1. Shakespeare
  2. christian humanists
  3. Patron
  4. Michelangelo
  5. Petrarch
  1. a someone who pays for someone to make art
  2. b Wrote plays- comedies, tragedies, and histories
  3. c did David, Pieta, and Sistine Chapel
  4. d Poet from Italy who wrote sonnets to his love who died in the plague
  5. e Take the ideas of humanism and write about Christianity

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  1. priest who hated Renaissance art and In 1492 gets enough people to kick the Medici's out of Florence
  2. an emphasis on the dignity and worth of the individual person
  3. banking family in control of Florence who helped to foster the spirit of humanism. With this spirit, Florence became the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance. Did whatever it takes to get money and power.
  4. invention that allows books to be made and humanist ideas to be spread
  5. 1. People are important
    2. It is important to be happy during life on earth
    3. Humans are capable of accomplishing great things

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  1. Thomas Morecreated the idea of Utopia, the perfect world


  2. Jan Van Eyckdid Mona Lisa and the Last Supper


  3. Romecity known for trade


  4. Human Improvementthe belief that people should develop their talents through many activities: politics, sports, and the arts.


  5. getting into heaven or hellinvention that allows books to be made and humanist ideas to be spread


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