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  1. getting into heaven or hell
  2. Da Vinci
  3. Rome
  4. Florence
  5. Johannes Gutenberg
  1. a city known for architecture
  2. b created the printing press
  3. c life's only purpose during the middle ages
  4. d city known for banking and art
  5. e did Mona Lisa and the Last Supper

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  1. painter who made it look like his paintings took place in the Renaissance even though they don't
  2. Wrote plays- comedies, tragedies, and histories
  3. did David, Pieta, and Sistine Chapel
  4. the guiding philosophy of the renaissance
  5. idea that the church is corrupt and silly (we are praising silliness)

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  1. Individualisman emphasis on the dignity and worth of the individual person


  2. The Printing Presswrote the praise of folly


  3. Savonarolasomeone who pays for someone to make art


  4. Machiavellidid David, Pieta, and Sistine Chapel


  5. Desidarius Erasmuswrote the praise of folly


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