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Best Football Players in NFL Test

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  1. Drew Brees
  2. Carson Palmer
  3. Joseph Addai
  4. Shaun Alexander
  5. Chad Johnson
  1. a QB of Saints
  2. b RB for Seahawks
  3. c RB for Colts
  4. d QB for Bengals
  5. e WR1 for Bengals

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  1. LB for Titans
  2. QB of Colts
  3. WR1 for Patriots
  4. SS for Colts
  5. QB for Titans (#1 Dual Threat in NFL)

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  1. Reggie WayneWR2 for Colts


  2. Ladainian TomlinsonRB for Vikings (Rookie of the Year)


  3. Pacman JonesWR1 for Bengals


  4. Rob BironasQB of Saints


  5. Marvin HarrisonRB for Vikings (Rookie of the Year)


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