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  1. When is Angiogenesis common in the heart?
  2. Inflammatory Chemical
  3. Tunica Media
  4. What is Resistance more important in influencing local blood flow?
  5. Antidiuretic Hormone
  1. a EX - Histamine - vasodilator, decreases BP.
  2. b (ADH)-(Vasopressin) - Causes intense vasoconstriction in cases of extremely low BP. Increases BP.
  3. c Smooth muscle and elastic fiber layer, regulated by sympathetic nervous system.
  4. d It is easily changed by altering blood vessel diameter.
  5. e A coronary vessel is occluded, throughout the body in people in high-altitude areas.

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  1. Kidney release of renin generates angiotensis II, which causes vasoconstriction. Increase BP.
  2. Pulse and blood pressure, along with respiratory rate and body temperature.
  3. Neural and hormonal controls - counteract functuations in blood pressure by altering peripheral resistance.
  4. Endothelium with sparse basal lamina.
  5. Have many fenestrations (pores) that allow quick fluid and larger solute exchange.

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  1. What is Diastolic Pressure?Lowest level of arterial pressure.


  2. Elastic (Conducting) ArteriesThick walled arteries near the heart. Act as pressure reservoirs - expand and recoil as blood is ejected from the heart.
    Conduct blood from the heart into Muscular Arteries.


  3. ArteriolesFormed when capillary beds unite. Allow fluids and WBC's to pass from the bloodstream to tissues. Collect blood from capillaries and pass it on to veins.


  4. Where does Systemic Pressure decline?Throughout the pathway.


  5. Blood Vessel LengthThe stickiness of the blood due to formed elements and plasma proteins.


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