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One factor that contributed significantly to deinstitutionalization of mentally ill patients was:

The development of pharmacologic treatments for many disorders. These advances profoundly changed patterns of care, reducing the need for convulsion therapies and psychosurgery and providing patients with effective interventions that allowed them to live outside of the mental hospital.

A major reason why only a small percentage of those in need of mental health services actually receive them is:

Treatment is often painful, with some serious side effects. Side effects include: financial limitations, social stigmatization, misunderstandings about the treat ability of conditions personal provider attitudes, cultural issues, and insensitive delivery system organization.

What factors impact the accurate diagnosis and treatment of mental illness in older adults is that:

Assessments and diagnosis may be more difficult and complicated because of accompanying medical conditions that mimic for mask mental disorders and patients; reluctant to accurately report symptoms. Patients tend to emphasize physical complaints and minimize complaints about there mental status. Stereotypes about aging, leading older adult's to believe that mental changes are to be expected, can make assessment and diagnosis particularly challenging. Also having strikingly low confidence.

Insurance coverage for mental illness treatment has lagged behind coverage for other types of health care because:

Epidemiological evidence suggests that outcomes of treatments are generally poor. This population has been subjected to episodic rather than continuous care, and focus has not been as much on personal life goals and recovery as on a monofocal model of treating the illness with medication while not attending to that person's life apart from his or her illness.

According to the Surgeon General's Report on Mental Health, the predominant provider of mental health services for children and adolescents is:

The school system.

The fastest growing segment of the health care industry since 1989 has been:

Home health care.

Concerns of corporate and government purchasers of health insurance about the rising costs of health care have resulted in:

Both the consumers and the providers of health care are increasingly concerned that the negative consequences of social, technical, and economic forces impacting the health system are resulting in a more disordered and less trustworthy health care system.

AS system reforms in primary care continue, the roles of nurse practitioners and physicians assistants will likely:

Major gaps in the availability of primary care physicians have been filled by substitution of nurse practitioners and Physicians Assistants. NP's and PA's are in great demands and will be increasingly important in the provision of primary health care. Public satisfaction with the services of NP's and PA's is high, and the demand for there services with continue as they fill niches where physicians services are in short supply.

Changes in the health care delivery system are resulting two new, emerging role for physicians, these are:

Hospitalist and Medical Managers or Administrators.

Public Health is broadly defined as:

Community efforts to cope with health problems arising from people living in groups

Which of the following is not suggested as a possible source of the contentious relationship between public health leadership and private medicine:

Private physicians' identifications of public health with government and bureaucracy.

On reason why public health suffers from an absent or poor public image is:

Americans associate public health with government interference with advances in medical care.

Creation of the Department of Homeland Security in 2003 was intended too:

Strengthen U.S borders, improve intelligence analysis, protect infrastructure and provide comprehensive response and recovery operations for terrorist attacks with chemical or biological weapons.

A more functional future partnership between public health and private practice medicine will likely be driven by:

Americans' recognition of the value of preventative medicine.

Clinical Research focuses primarily on:

The various steps in a process of medical care-the early action, diagnosis and treatment of disease or injury; the maintenance of optimal physical, mental and social functioning; the limitation and rehabilitations of disability; and the palliative are of those who are irreversibly ill.

The careers of all nurse practitioners who graduated in 2004 are being tracked to determine the appropriateness of their education to their subsequent work role. This is an example of:

Changing the professional labor supply, make sure they are qualified and respond to the changed that have occurred in the health system, vulnerability to the staff of reductions that accompany the declining admission and occupancy rates of acute care hospitals is of major concern to nursing leaders and educators, improving circumstances of hospital nursing combined with long hours and other difficulties they contribute to law job satisfaction and frustrating work environment.

Research studies may be observational or experimental. The essential difference between experimental and observation studies is that in experimental investigations:

The investigator actively intervenes by manipulating one variable to see what happens with the other.

In conducting experimental studies, ethical issues may arise about:

Ethical issues may arise when experiments involve the use of a clinical procedure that may expose subjects to significant or unknown risks.

Empirical standards for assessing the quality of health care practice rely upon:

Derived from distributions, averages, ranges and other measures of data variability, information collected from number of similar health services providers is compared to identify practices that deviate from the norm.

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