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  1. foreshadow
  2. irony
  3. characterization
  4. symbol
  5. satire
  1. a literary tone used to make fun of human vice or weakness
  2. b stands for an idea
  3. c the process by which the writer reveals the personality of a character
  4. d suggest what will come later in a story, novel, or play, hints, or events of same nature
  5. e using a word or phrase to mean the exact opposite of its literal meaning, dramatic, verbal

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  1. a feeling of sympathetic pity, also the qualities in a literary work that cause such a feeling
  2. attitude of author towards reader
  3. 18th century philosophical movement, reason,
  4. underlying idea of a work
  5. leads to downfall, usually hubris, pride

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  1. neoclassicismage of reason, revival of attitudes and style in classic literature.


  2. imagerywords that summon up an image in the mind


  3. conceitclever, metaphor, elaborate comparison


  4. farcecomedy, humor


  5. TranscendentalismAmerican philosophical and religious movement, 1835


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