History Alive China Ch. 19

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Tibet-Qinghai Plateau

Very cold- only 50 days without frost. Sparse shrubs and grasses. Bordered by Himalayas.

Northwestern Deserts

Very hot and dry. Only places to grow crops are near oases. Difficult to cross.

North China Plain

Grassy and fertile land. Silt from the Huang He helps fertilize the land, but the river often floods.

Chang Jiang Basins

Mild and wet climate. Very fertile land, good for growing rice.

Why did most early people settle in the North China Plain?

The silt carried by the Huang He helps to fertilize the soil, making it a good place to settle down and grow crops.

What geographical features isolated China from other civilizations?

In the southwest, there are towering mountains, a rocky plateau, and a cold climate. Only a narrow plain connects the Northeastern Plain to Inner China.

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