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  1. Where was the palace for the gods?
  2. Who was Gaea's second husband?
  3. Why did Zeus chose Metis as his first wife?
  4. She had neither_____nor_____?
  5. Zeus was god of?
  1. a he need her good advice to overpower Cronus
  2. b Pontus the seas
  3. c the universe
  4. d mother nor father
  5. e on top of Mount Olympus

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  1. Aphrodite
  2. garden of Hesperides
  3. cave on Crete
  4. white cow
  5. they were ugly

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  1. Aphrodite was god of?war


  2. Hera was a_____wife?motherhood


  3. Who was Eros?war


  4. Who were Zeus' siblings?Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Posiden, Hades


  5. Who overpowered Uranus? and with what?Cronus and sickle


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