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  1. She had neither_____nor_____?
  2. Ares was god of?
  3. What did Zeus turn Io into?
  4. Zeus was god of?
  5. Hera was god of?
  1. a white cow
  2. b motherhood
  3. c the universe
  4. d mother nor father
  5. e war

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  1. Pontus the seas
  2. Aphrodite's son
  3. love
  4. a rock
  5. Cronus and sickle

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  1. Where did Hera plant the golden apple tree that Mother Earth gave them as a wedding present?Zeus threw him off Olympus


  2. Why did Hephaestus wak like a flickering flame?Zeus threw him off Olympus


  3. Argus was______ to death by who?war


  4. What did Cronus do to his children?white cow


  5. What did Argus have all over his body?white cow


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