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  1. death rate / crude death rate / CDR
  2. ecumene
  3. agricultural economy
  4. immigration
  5. demographic equation
  1. a the part of the Earth that is inhabited
  2. b the equation that uses birth rates, death rates, and immigration and emigration statistics to show population growth
  3. c the inflow of people into a country
  4. d an economy based on farming, or earning most of its money from farming
  5. e the statistic that measures the total number of deaths in a calendar year

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  1. the maximum population size of the species that a place can sustain
  2. a measure of how many babies die during the first 12 months after birth
  3. an economy dominated by industrial activity
  4. the potential reproductive capacity of an individual or population
  5. the phenomenon of urban areas shifting from a focus on manufacturing to a focus on service

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  1. population projectiona prediction of a country's future population


  2. ethnic cleansingthe mass expulsion or killing of members of an ethnic or religious group in a society


  3. transhumancethe part of the Earth that is inhabited


  4. Industrial Revolutionthe process of removing or reducing industrial capacity or activity in a country or region


  5. periodic movementcyclic movement that is repeated annually or seasonally on a pattern


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