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  1. demographic transition model
  2. deindustrialization
  3. population density
  4. economic restructuring
  5. personal consumption
  1. a the amount of resources consumed by an individual
  2. b the frequency of people living in an area
  3. c the phenomenon of urban areas shifting from a focus on manufacturing to a focus on service
  4. d a non-spatial model that uses population data to construct a general model of the growth in population over time
  5. e the process of removing or reducing industrial capacity or activity in a country or region

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  1. a country that is higher up on the HDI scale
  2. a migrant who moves within a country
  3. the total amount of immigrants minus the number of emigrants for every thousand members of the population
  4. cyclic movement that is repeated annually or seasonally on a pattern
  5. the act of seasonal migration for food

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  1. population projectionthe practice of artificially altering the rate of growth of a human population


  2. rate of natural increase / RNIthe estimated number of children per fertile woman


  3. infant mortalitya measure of how many babies die during the first 12 months after birth


  4. Malthusian catastrophea statistic collected or taken every calendar year


  5. forced migrationthe process that occurs when people move up in a hierarchy of locations, with each move to a more advantageous place


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