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  1. economic context
  2. push factor
  3. primate city
  4. personal space
  5. manufacturing-based economy
  1. a the leading city in a country or region that is disproportionately larger than any others
  2. b an economy dominated by industrial activity
  3. c a factor of a place that causes people to leave or emigrate
  4. d the economic state of a country
  5. e the amount of space allocated to an individual

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  1. the ability to map out what a country's attributes will be in the future
  2. an economy based on tertiary industries
  3. the movement of a person because of major changes in the course of their life
  4. the process of migrating from one country to another
  5. a statistic collected or taken every calendar year

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  1. population projectionthe practice of artificially altering the rate of growth of a human population


  2. ethnic cleansingthe mass expulsion or killing of members of an ethnic or religious group in a society


  3. economic restructuringthe phenomenon of urban areas shifting from a focus on manufacturing to a focus on service


  4. personal consumptionthe amount of resources consumed by an individual


  5. demographic equationthe equation that uses birth rates, death rates, and immigration and emigration statistics to show population growth


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