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AP Human Geography | Population and Migration Test

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  1. emigration
  2. ecumene
  3. arid region
  4. equilibrium
  5. cyclic movement
  1. a a region with a severe lack of water
  2. b a system in which all competing influences are balanced
  3. c the part of the Earth that is inhabited
  4. d the outflow of people from a country
  5. e movement that has a closed route and is repeated many times

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  1. a household with two working parents and no children
  2. the phenomenon of urban areas shifting from a focus on manufacturing to a focus on service
  3. a factor of a place that causes people to leave or emigrate
  4. the mass expulsion or killing of members of an ethnic or religious group in a society
  5. a period during the 18th and 19th centuries that experienced a huge boom in manufacturing activities

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  1. forced migrationthe process that occurs when people move up in a hierarchy of locations, with each move to a more advantageous place


  2. periodic movementmovement that has a closed route and is repeated many times


  3. total fertility rate / TFRthe total amount of immigrants minus the number of emigrants for every thousand members of the population


  4. manufacturing-based economyan economy dominated by industrial activity


  5. population-weighted centroidthe organization of, and inter-relationships among, inhabitants of a place


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