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  1. arithmetic density
  2. newly industrialized country / NIC
  3. economic context
  4. life expectancy
  5. feudal political economy
  1. a an economy entirely owned and run by the government
  2. b a state that has only recently been introduced to manufacturing
  3. c standard measurement of density - amount of things/people per square unit/mile of distance
  4. d the average life span of a country's residents
  5. e the economic state of a country

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  1. the process of removing or reducing industrial capacity or activity in a country or region
  2. the existence of a closer, less expensive opportunity for something
  3. the phenomenon that occurs when birth rates reach the same level as death rates
  4. land with the potential to be farmed
  5. the process that occurs when people move up in a hierarchy of locations, with each move to a more advantageous place

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  1. life-course changethe movement of a person because of major changes in the course of their life


  2. ecumenean exponential growth of something


  3. Green Revolutionthe senior part of a population


  4. immigrationthe outflow of people from a country


  5. rate of natural increase / RNIthe statistic that compares the birth rate and death rate of a country (not including immigrants and emigrants)


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