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  1. hexagon
  2. obtuse angle
  3. volume
  4. bisect
  5. straight angle
  1. a an angle of 180 degrees
  2. b an angle measuring more than 90 degress and less then 180 degres.
  3. c cut into two equal parts
  4. d a polygon with six sides
  5. e the number of cubic units needed to fill the space inside the 3D figure

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  1. a polygon with five sides
  2. the side of a right triangle opposite the right angle, the longest side.
  3. an angle that measures 90 degrees
  4. quadrilateral with 1 pair of opposite sides parallel
  5. parallelogram with 4 congruent sides

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  1. pyramida solid figure whose base is a polygon and whose faces are triangles wit a common vertex


  2. acute trianglean angle less than 90 degrees but more than 0 degrees


  3. diameterthe length across a circle going through the center


  4. equilateral trianglea triangle with 3 acute angles


  5. circumferencethe length across a circle going through the center


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