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  1. v. To require as part of an agreement or contract.
  2. n. A much larger supply than is needed.(v) 1. To supply a much larger amount than is needed. 2. To eat or consume to excess.
  3. v. To reach or bring to the highest point.
  4. n.1. A wall-like structure used as a defense .2. A person or thing that protects or defends.
  5. adj. Able to be done; possible or likely.

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  1. wrestv. 1. To pull away from with a twist. 2. To take by force or as if by force.


  2. phenomenonn. 1. Widespread destruction or devastation. 2. Great confusion.


  3. engulfv. To swallow up by covering completely; to overwhelm.


  4. indefatigableadj. Not easily made tired; tireless.


  5. onslaughtn. A fierce attack.


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