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  1. Fuse
  2. Total Internal Reflection
  3. Concave Lens
  4. Alternating Current
  5. Electric Motor
  1. a An electric current that oscillates in direction
  2. b A machine that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy
  3. c Occurs when light within a material approaches a surface at a greater angle than the critical angle and reflects back
  4. d A protective device containing a conductor that melts under heat produced by an excess, thereby opening the circuit
  5. e A lens with a surface curved like the inner surface of a sphere

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  1. A circuit in which there is a break so that current cannot flow.
  2. A lens with a surface that curves outward like the exterior of a sphere.
  3. The length of one complete cycle of a wave.
  4. The shift in frequency caused by the relative motion of the sound source and observer
  5. A schematic drawing of an electric circuit

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  1. ReverberationThe bending of a wave as it travels across a boundary


  2. AbsorptionThe bending of a wave as it travels across a boundary


  3. ResonanceThe measure of an objects ability to conduct electrical current; measured in Ohms


  4. LongitudinalGreatest speed attainable in nature


  5. Formula to calculate the speed of a waveP= IV


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