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  1. Conductor
  2. Circuit Diagram
  3. Wavelength
  4. Specular Reflection
  5. Direct Current
  1. a A material that easily carries electrical current
  2. b The length of one complete cycle of a wave.
  3. c An electric current flowing in one direction only.
  4. d A schematic drawing of an electric circuit
  5. e "Shiny surface" reflection in which each incident ray creates only one reflected ray

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  1. The amount of time it takes to repeat one cycle
  2. Units for power
  3. A machine that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy
  4. Tissue paper, frosted glass
  5. The unit for measuring the loudness of a sound

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  1. CycleUnit of oscillation that repeats over and over


  2. Constructive InterferenceOccurs when waves add up to make a larger amplitude


  3. ElectronsThe top or highest points on a wave


  4. FrequencyThe number of cycles per second; measured in Hertz (Hz)


  5. RGB Color ProcessProcess that creates color by subtracting colors from white light using absorption.


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