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  1. Diffuse Reflection
  2. Crest
  3. Polarized
  4. Amplitude
  5. Absorption
  1. a The decrease in the amplitude of a wave as it passes through a material and loses energy
  2. b The maximum distance from the average in harmonic motion
  3. c The scattering of light into many directions off a non-shiny surface
  4. d Light in which the oscillations of the electric field of the wave are of the same orientation
  5. e The top or highest points on a wave

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  1. A machine that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy
  2. The pattern of pressure, brightness, amplitude, or other wave characteristics that comes from adding more than one wave of the same kind.
  3. Process that creates color by subtracting colors from white light using absorption.
  4. A buildup of either positive or negative charge; consists of isolated motionless charges, like those produced by friction
  5. Formed when light rays are bent. (Cannot be projected on a screen)

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  1. Index of RefractionWhen a light ray reflects off a surface, the angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection.


  2. CurrentThe top or highest points on a wave


  3. Primary Subtractive ColorsYellow, magenta, cyan


  4. RefractionWave bounces and goes in a new direction.


  5. Series CircuitAn electric current flowing in one direction only.


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