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  1. Conductor
  2. Primary Subtractive Colors
  3. Insulator
  4. Alternating Current
  5. Index of Refraction
  1. a An electric current that oscillates in direction
  2. b A material that poorly conducts electrical current or heat
  3. c A material that easily carries electrical current
  4. d A ratio that gives a measure of a material's ability to bend light
  5. e Yellow, magenta, cyan

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  1. Speed= Frequency × Wavelength
  2. An oscillation that travels, moving energy from one place to another
  3. Process that creates color by subtracting colors from white light using absorption.
  4. Plastic, air, glass windows
  5. The pattern of pressure, brightness, amplitude, or other wave characteristics that comes from adding more than one wave of the same kind.

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  1. WavelengthThe length of one complete cycle of a wave.


  2. ReverberationMultiple echos of sound caused by reflections of sound building up and blending together


  3. GeneratorA device that converts kinetic energy into electrical energy using the law of induction


  4. Direct CurrentAn electric current that oscillates in direction


  5. VoltsUnits for voltage


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