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  1. Electric Motor
  2. Longitudinal
  3. Pitch
  4. Current
  5. Doppler Effect
  1. a Time rate of the flow of electric charge, in the direction that a positive moving charge would take.
  2. b The shift in frequency caused by the relative motion of the sound source and observer
  3. c A machine that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy
  4. d Sound is a __________ wave.
  5. e The perceived frequency of a sound

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  1. Wave bends around an object or through holes in the object
  2. The measure of an objects ability to conduct electrical current; measured in Ohms
  3. A lens with a surface that curves outward like the exterior of a sphere.
  4. The entire range of electromagnetic waves, including all the possible frequencies
  5. The length of one complete cycle of a wave.

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  1. Parallel CircuitTissue paper, frosted glass


  2. CrestThe top or highest points on a wave


  3. Longitudinal WavesA wave whose oscillations are in the same direction as the wave travels


  4. Silver, copper, gold, aluminum, and ironGood Conductors


  5. Virtual ImageFormed by rays of light coming together


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