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  1. Austro-Prussian war vs. Denmark
  2. Dom Pedro
  3. War with France
  4. Modernization
  5. Romanticism
  1. a (1858) Italy and France allied vs. Austria for Lombardy and Venetia→ got only Lombardy
  2. b (1864) Bismarck approached Austria about these provinces populated by Germans but controlled by Denmark; convinced Austria to join him in attacking Denmark for the two states (succeed); Schleswig-> Prussia, Holstein -> Austria
  3. c focusing on modernizing the economy as well as politics; going from old to new Europe; time of progression/innovation
  4. d Prince John of Portugal's son who stayed behind in Brazil after his father returned to Portugal; 8,000 Brazilians signed a petition asking Dom Pedro to rule Brazil independently
  5. e a new era of painting that differed from enlightenment ideals; very emotional and realistic reflected deep interest both in nature and in thoughts and feelings of individual; turned from reason to emotion, from society to nature; rejected rigid class structure of society

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  1. Czar of Russia during Crimean war; wanted Crimea for a warm water port for Russia; kept serfdom and his defeat in Crimean war brought change to Russia
  2. (1866) Bismarck charges Austria with not recognizing rights of Holstein people; Austria declares war on Prussia and Bismarck defeats Austria with military power
    -Holstein- taken by Bismarck
    -Venetia- Cavour aided Bismarck and got Venetia
  3. term used to describe concern some had about what government leaders would do about industrial impact, such as social problems caused by industrial revolution like poverty, hunger, and pollution
  4. 1866- overlap; Cavour uses it as an opportunity to ally himself with Prussia against Austria; Cavour acquires Venetia for Italy after the Austro-Prussian war in 1866
  5. European and Indian mix

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  1. United Provinces of La Plataformer viceroyalty, consisted of Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay, and Paraguay; capital= Buenos Aires


  2. Papal Stateslast territory controlled by RCC; taken by nationalists in Italy; Italy vs. Papal states → Italy got Rome; pope was angry and so imposed self captivity in the Vatican


  3. Padre Miguel Hidalgopriest in village of Dolores, believed in Enlightenment ideals: SEPTEMBER 16, 1810: Issued a call for rebellion against the Spanish known as the Grito de Dolores (cry of Dolores); leader of the mestizo/Indian rebellion


  4. Realismliterature and visual arts tried to show life as it was, not as it should be; realist painting reflected the increasing political importance of the working class in the 1850's; novels also proved suitable to describe workers' suffering


  5. Wars of German UnificationPrussia organized conquered territories, at demise of Austro-dominated German Confederation


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