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  1. Modernization
  2. North German Confederation
  3. Franco-Prussian War
  4. Wars of German Unification
  5. Simón Bolivar
  1. a Bismarck reasoned a war with France would rally the south; manipulates France by rewording the telegram of refusal from France to have a Prussian King to make it insulting
    -Wars of mid 1800's greatly strengthened Prussia, and by 1871, Britain and Germany were most powerful militarily and economically
    - Austria and Russia lagged far behind; France struggled somewhere in the middle
  2. b (the Liberator) brilliant Creole general; helped to free Venezuela and Colombia; went into exile twice; Bolivar's volunteer revolutionary army suffered defeats
  3. c Prussia organized conquered territories, at demise of Austro-dominated German Confederation
  4. d three major wars contributed to German unification under application of realpolitik
  5. e focusing on modernizing the economy as well as politics; going from old to new Europe; time of progression/innovation

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  1. rather than realism; a style of painting that became popular to catch a moment as it would look at a glance; used pure, shimmering colors to capture a moment in time; wanted to show impression of subject or a moment in time
  2. Czar of Russia during Crimean war; wanted Crimea for a warm water port for Russia; kept serfdom and his defeat in Crimean war brought change to Russia
  3. chancellor/prime minister to Wilhelm I of Prussia; Junker; the father of German unification; led unification of Germany and believed in "realpolitik" he believed unification would be achieved " by blood and iron"
  4. 1866- overlap; Cavour uses it as an opportunity to ally himself with Prussia against Austria; Cavour acquires Venetia for Italy after the Austro-Prussian war in 1866
  5. top of Spanish-American society: Spanish-born colonists; only ones who could hold office

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  1. Ems Dispatchlast territory controlled by RCC; taken by nationalists in Italy; Italy vs. Papal states → Italy got Rome; pope was angry and so imposed self captivity in the Vatican


  2. Russificationforcing all ethnic groups in Russia to embrace all Russian language and culture to unite and strengthen nationalist bonds; this eventually backfired because people did not want to change their religion, language etc.


  3. United Provinces of La Plataformer viceroyalty, consisted of Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay, and Paraguay; capital= Buenos Aires


  4. MestizosEuropean and Indian mix


  5. Giuseppe Garibaldigreat liberator Creole from Argentina; 1817: San Martin led an army across Andes to Chile and was joined by Bernardo O'Higgins, and finally freed Chile; left his forces to Bolivar to command after reaching Lima, Peru, thus uniting revolutionary forces.


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