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  1. Confederation of the Rhine
  2. Wars of German Unification
  3. Creoles
  4. Gran Columbia
  5. Ems Dispatch
  1. a Bismarck intercepted the telegram from France politely refusing a Prussian King and manipulates it to sound insulting to the Prussians
  2. b three major wars contributed to German unification under application of realpolitik
  3. c the loose confederation of German states along the Rhine River organized by Napoleon Bonaparte and put in his control; East-Central Germany, Southern Germany, and Switzerland
  4. d After battle of Ayacucho, future countries of Venezuela, Colombia, and Ecuador were united into a country called Gran Colombia
  5. e Latin-American born people, had an inherently stronger desire for independence could not hold office but could be officers in army

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  1. Bismarck's policy; "politics of reality" opposed to politics of idealism; seeks to do what is practical and possible rather than high-in-the-sky idealism; through war, sacrifice, and industrialization as opposed to idealistic, complete revolution
  2. 1861; issued by Alexander II; took so long because the nobility may have revolted if their slaves were taken; emancipation was necessary for industrialization in Russia and advancement of the country
  3. Popes remained in the Vatican until this; signed between Italian government and Papacy; recognized Italy's control of former lands of Papal States including Rome and established Vatican City as independent, autonomous nation-state within Rome/Italy itself
  4. region that France and Prussia could lay claim to, mixed region
  5. great liberator Creole from Argentina; 1817: San Martin led an army across Andes to Chile and was joined by Bernardo O'Higgins, and finally freed Chile; left his forces to Bolivar to command after reaching Lima, Peru, thus uniting revolutionary forces.

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  1. Impressionismliterature and visual arts tried to show life as it was, not as it should be; realist painting reflected the increasing political importance of the working class in the 1850's; novels also proved suitable to describe workers' suffering


  2. North German ConfederationPrussia organized conquered territories, at demise of Austro-dominated German Confederation


  3. United Provinces of La Plataformer viceroyalty, consisted of Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay, and Paraguay; capital= Buenos Aires


  4. Bolivar and San Martinthe two generals together in 1822 discussed how to drive remaining Spanish out of Lima, Peru, in Guayaquil Ecuador; San Martin left his army for Bolivar to command; Bolivar's unified army went on to defeat the Spanish


  5. German ConfederationPrussia organized conquered territories, at demise of Austro-dominated German Confederation


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