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  1. Bolivar and San Martin
  2. United Provinces of Central America
  3. Impressionism
  4. Wars of German Unification
  5. North German Confederation
  1. a Prussia organized conquered territories, at demise of Austro-dominated German Confederation
  2. b rather than realism; a style of painting that became popular to catch a moment as it would look at a glance; used pure, shimmering colors to capture a moment in time; wanted to show impression of subject or a moment in time
  3. c after central America declared its absolute independence from Mexico, it took this name, and included; Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and Costa Rica
  4. d three major wars contributed to German unification under application of realpolitik
  5. e the two generals together in 1822 discussed how to drive remaining Spanish out of Lima, Peru, in Guayaquil Ecuador; San Martin left his army for Bolivar to command; Bolivar's unified army went on to defeat the Spanish

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  1. last territory controlled by RCC; taken by nationalists in Italy; Italy vs. Papal states → Italy got Rome; pope was angry and so imposed self captivity in the Vatican
  2. great liberator Creole from Argentina; 1817: San Martin led an army across Andes to Chile and was joined by Bernardo O'Higgins, and finally freed Chile; left his forces to Bolivar to command after reaching Lima, Peru, thus uniting revolutionary forces.
  3. term used to describe concern some had about what government leaders would do about industrial impact, such as social problems caused by industrial revolution like poverty, hunger, and pollution
  4. Czar of Russia during Crimean war; wanted Crimea for a warm water port for Russia; kept serfdom and his defeat in Crimean war brought change to Russia
  5. series of revolts in which Congress of Vienna and Metternich were challenged for a constitutional, limited monarchy; Italy, France, and Belgium; (against Charles X)

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  1. MulattosAfrican and European mix


  2. Realpolitikliterature and visual arts tried to show life as it was, not as it should be; realist painting reflected the increasing political importance of the working class in the 1850's; novels also proved suitable to describe workers' suffering


  3. Alsace-Lorraineregion that France and Prussia could lay claim to, mixed region


  4. Modernizationfocusing on modernizing the economy as well as politics; going from old to new Europe; time of progression/innovation


  5. KaiserGerman for "emperor" King Wilhelm I of Prussia was crowned Kaiser January 18, 1871 at Versailles; signifies formal establishment of Germany as an independent; humiliating to France


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