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  1. Block Format
  2. Mixed Punctuation
  3. Textual Citations
  4. Enclosure Notation
  5. Proofreader's Marks
  1. a all parts of a letter (including paragraphs) begin at the left margin
  2. b parentheses used in the report body to give credit (cite) to authors for quotes taken from their works
  3. c indicates that another document is enclosed with a letter
  4. d symbols used to indicate errors that need correcting when re-keying copy
  5. e a punctuation style for letters in which a colon follows the salutation/greeting and a comma follows the complimentary closing

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  1. the person to whom you are sending the memorandum
  2. a return that the application inserts automatically when you reach the end of a line
  3. the address to which the letter is being sent
  4. a written message used by individuals within an organization to communicate with one another
  5. a punctuation style for letters in which there is no punctuation following the salutation and complimentary close of a letter

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  1. Writerthe author of the document


  2. Complimentary Closeinformation arranged vertically


  3. Columnsthe paragraphs that make up the main message


  4. Attachment Notationindicates that another document is enclosed with a letter


  5. Subject Linethe greeting of the letter


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