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  1. Neville Chamberline
  2. German
  3. June 6,1944
  4. November 11,1918
  5. kamikaze attacks
  1. a When was D-Day?
  2. b one of the most devistating tactics used by japan during wwII
  3. c When the US enterd ww!,americans began to despise anything that was_____
  4. d When was Armistice day?
  5. e With whom is "appeasement" most closly identifide?

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  1. What promised in the in the zimmerman telegram?
  2. the costliest chunk of rock and black sand ever
  3. What countrys formed the triple Entente?
  4. the dictator of the soviet union during WWII
  5. the method introduced by hoover for dealing with Latin America.

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  1. influenzathe costliest chunk of rock and black sand ever


  2. atomic bombA new weapon formed as a result of the manhatten project


  3. Lend Lease actHow did FDR aid the allied before entering the war?


  4. mussoliniWhich country was a serieous mistake for the Nazie's to invade?


  5. Herbert HooverWho develiped the esembly line?


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