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  1. booker t. washington
  2. work for the unemployed
  3. Joseph Stalin,Winston Churchill,FDR
  4. Mexico would acguire US land
  5. operation overlord
  1. a What men were the allied leaders?
  2. b the codename for the Normandy invation
  3. c What were the resaltes of the new deal?
  4. d who founded the teskegee institute?
  5. e What promised in the in the zimmerman telegram?

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  1. the atomic bomb was dropped on wich cities?
  2. What war innoventions were introduced during wwI?
  3. What were the two big choices for america during the great depression?
  4. What was FDR program called?
  5. When was Armistice day?

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  1. mussoliniWhich country was a serieous mistake for the Nazie's to invade?


  2. DoleWhich draft was more succesful WWI or the civil war?


  3. Iwo jimawho helped Germany conquar Poland?


  4. the zimmerman teligramthe final major incident that promted the us to enter wwI


  5. tennessee valley authorityWith whom is "appeasement" most closly identifide?


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