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  1. league of nations
  2. November 11,1918
  3. Brain trust
  4. al capone
  5. God or Government
  1. a Roosevelt's group of advisers
  2. b When was Armistice day?
  3. c What were the two big choices for america during the great depression?
  4. d of wilson's 14 points, which was considerd most crusial?
  5. e A boootlegger and a gangster in chicogo

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  1. What promised in the in the zimmerman telegram?
  2. who helped Germany conquar Poland?
  3. Which draft was more succesful WWI or the civil war?
  4. What type of government tried to spread its rule from russia to the rest of the world?
  5. What conditions in the 1920's led to the great depression?

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  1. automabileA boootlegger and a gangster in chicogo


  2. Charles LindberghWho flew the spirit of st. louis across the atlantic?


  3. Pearl HarborWhat attacks severaly crippled the US naval and air strangth?


  4. Britainthe only allied power standing against Germany during the early part of 1941


  5. sacco and Vanettiwhat was the major court case that has to deal with the"red scare"?


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