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  1. senate
  2. Mexico would acguire US land
  3. Doughboys
  4. atomic bomb
  5. Learn english Quickly
  1. a What did the children of immergrant do that was harder than immergrants?
  2. b Who amoung the Allies had their own units?
  3. c America never veraifiedthe treaty of Versiailles because of opposition from______
  4. d A new weapon formed as a result of the manhatten project
  5. e What promised in the in the zimmerman telegram?

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  1. what is the 18th amendment about?
  2. Who promised a "Return to normalcy" after the war?
  3. Which draft was more succesful WWI or the civil war?
  4. the final major incident that promted the us to enter wwI
  5. the method introduced by hoover for dealing with Latin America.

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  1. local responsibility for giving aid to the needyPresident Hoover belived in what to get out of the depression?


  2. Herbert HooverWho won the election of 1928?


  3. GermanWhich of the nations in the axis powers was the hardest to defeat


  4. poison gas, airplains, tanks submarinsWhat countrys formed the triple Entente?


  5. JapanWhich of the nations in the axis powers was the hardest to defeat


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