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  1. the new deal
  2. Learn english Quickly
  3. June 6,1944
  4. unwise stock investments extensive use of credit speculation
  5. booker t. washington
  1. a who founded the teskegee institute?
  2. b What conditions in the 1920's led to the great depression?
  3. c What was FDR program called?
  4. d What did the children of immergrant do that was harder than immergrants?
  5. e When was D-Day?

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  1. what two things did the US never varify after WWI
  2. Which of the nations in the axis powers was the hardest to defeat
  3. the costliest chunk of rock and black sand ever
  4. What were the two big choices for america during the great depression?
  5. America never veraifiedthe treaty of Versiailles because of opposition from______

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  1. operation overlordthe codename for the Normandy invation


  2. Holocaustthe systimatic slauter of 6 million jewsduring WWII


  3. November 11,1918When was D-Day?


  4. Joseph StalinWhat country caused the US to enter wwII?


  5. Britainthe only allied power standing against Germany during the early part of 1941


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