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  1. prohabition
  2. Russia
  3. operation overlord
  4. Iwo jima
  5. God or Government
  1. a the costliest chunk of rock and black sand ever
  2. b what is the 18th amendment about?
  3. c the codename for the Normandy invation
  4. d What were the two big choices for america during the great depression?
  5. e Which country was a serieous mistake for the Nazie's to invade?

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  1. who helped Germany conquar Poland?
  2. Who amoung the Allies had their own units?
  3. What did the children of immergrant do that was harder than immergrants?
  4. With whom is "appeasement" most closly identifide?
  5. the man ,known as IIpuca,who promised a second Roman Empire

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  1. Japana hand out


  2. Sigmud FreudHe formulated pyychounlysis


  3. the new dealWhat was FDR program called?


  4. citiesWas the "red scare" a real threat?


  5. Joseph Stalin,Winston Churchill,FDRthe dictator of the soviet union during WWII


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