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  1. safety
  2. REM
  3. rehearsal
  4. interposition
  5. fetal alcohol syndrome
  1. a the second rung of Maslow's hierarchy; refers to need for freedom from danger
  2. b sometimes the result in a child of the mother's excessive drinking while pregnant, characterized by low birth weight, facial abnormalities, mental retardation
  3. c monocular visual cue in which two objects are in the same line of vision and one patially conceals the other, indicating that the first object concealed is further away
  4. d conscious repetition of information in order to fix it in memory, such as practicing a list of terms to memorize
  5. e describes sleep in which vivid dreams typically occur; this type of sleep increases as the night progresses while stage 4 sleep decreases

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  1. a type of schizophrenia characterized by prominent delusions that are persecutory or grandiose
  2. a division of the nervous system that controls voluntary muscle movements
  3. eye neurons that receive information from the retinal cells and distribute information to the ganglion cells
  4. theory developed by Harlow; types include secure and insecure
  5. drug which blocks the activity of neurotransmitters

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  1. availability heuristicthis cognitive shortcut features the idea that events which are vividly in memory seem to be more common


  2. explicitterm describes a type of intelligence used to cope with novel situations and problems


  3. heritabilityGerman word for "whole", it refers to our tendency to perceive incomplete figures as complete


  4. general adaptation syndromesubjects in an experiment to whom the independent variable is administered


  5. biologicalthis type of psychologist studies, assesses and treats those with psychological disorders


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