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  1. higher-order
  2. individualist
  3. clinical
  4. fixed interval
  5. hypochondriasis
  1. a term describes conditioning in which the CS for one experiment becomes the UCS in another experiment so that another neutral stimulus can be made to elicit the original UCR
  2. b a disorder characterized by an unreasonable fear that one has a serious disease
  3. c describes the schedule of reinforcement wherein a worker receives a paycheck every Friday
  4. d this type of psychologist studies, assesses and treats those with psychological disorders
  5. e culture in which the individual is valued more highly than the group

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  1. type of variable manipulated by the experimenter
  2. in language, smallest distinctive sound unit
  3. thinking about thinking
  4. characterized by recurrent, unexpected panic attacks
  5. oldest part of the brain, beginning where the spinal cord swells upon entering the skull; controls fundamental survival processes like heartrate and breathing

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  1. conductiondescribes a stimulus in classical conditioning that would normally not elicit the response intended, such as the tone in Pavlov's experiments before it was associated with the food


  2. confounding variablethe extent to which two measures of the same trait or ability agree


  3. mere exposure effectthis phenomenon causes one to prefer a stimulus as a consequence of repeated exposures to that stimulus, particularly is there is no adverse result of the exposure


  4. initiative vs guiltErikson's third stage in which the child finds independence in planning, playing and other activities


  5. bipolar cellsthis coiled structure in the inner ear is fluid-filled and in it the energy from sound waves stimulate hair cells


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