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  1. dissociative fugue
  2. self-fulfilling prophecy
  3. positive psychology
  4. heuristic
  5. achievement test
  1. a a belief or expectation that helps to make itself true
  2. b disorder in which one travels away from home and is unable to remember details of his past, including often his identity
  3. c field of study which concentrates on good psychological traits such as contentment and joy; it also studies character traits such as wisdom, integrity and altruism
  4. d a test that assesses what one has learned
  5. e a useful, but unprovable, cognitive shortcut, such as a "rule of thumb"

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  1. Freud's first stage of psychosexual development during which pleasure is centered in the mouth
  2. condition of having excess body fat resulting in being greatly overweight
  3. treatment for psychological disorders that centers on changing self-defeating thinking
  4. term describes the perspective on psychology in which inner feeling and unconscious tensions are emphasized
  5. Seyle's concept that the body responds to stress with alarm, resistance and exhaustion

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  1. negative reinforcementin operant conditioning, removing something unpleasant in order to elicit more of a particular behavior


  2. embryoearly stage of human development, when cells have begun to differentiate


  3. need for achievementdesire for accomplishment, mastery of people, ideas, things, desire for reaching a high standard


  4. afferentform of scientific investigation in which one variable is tested to determine its effect on another


  5. retrograde amnesialoss of memory for events that occurred before the onset of amnesia; eg a soldier's forgetting events immediately before a shell burst nearby, injuring him


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