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  1. personality
  2. memory
  3. interposition
  4. self-concept
  5. PET scan
  1. a monocular visual cue in which two objects are in the same line of vision and one patially conceals the other, indicating that the first object concealed is further away
  2. b one's idea and evaluation of oneself; this contributes to one's sense of identity
  3. c functions associated with this include encoding, storage and retrieval
  4. d a consistent pattern of thinking, acting, feeling
  5. e method of brain imaging using positron emissions

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  1. Adler's conception of a basic feeling of inadequacy stemming from childhood experiences
  2. in conditioning the behavior elicited by the unconditioned stimulus
  3. terms that means "one eyed", used to indicate the sort of of enviromental cues to depth perception tha tonly require one eye, for example, interposition
  4. a method of influencing behavior by rewarding desired behaviors and punishing undesired ones
  5. largest brain waves, associated with deep, dreamless sleep

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  1. hallucinationa false sensory perception that seems to be real but for which there is not an actual external stimulus


  2. fundamental attribution errortendency to attribute others' behavior to their dispositions and our own behaviors to our situations


  3. normal distributiondescribes a symmetrical, bell shaped curve that shows the distribution of many physical and psychological attributes


  4. lithiumremoval or destruction of brain tissue in a surgical procedure


  5. acquisitiona process in classical conditioning by which the association of a neutral stimulus with a natural stimulus is first established


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