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  1. person-centered
  2. mere exposure effect
  3. James-Lange
  4. hormone
  5. scapegoat
  1. a this theory says that having suffered negative experience, an individual might blame an innocent person or group for the experience and subsequently mistreat the person or group
  2. b theory of emotion in which physiological arousal precedes the emotion
  3. c chemical substance secreted by endocrine glands that affect body processes
  4. d therapy developed by Rogers featuring the patient's self-discovery and actualization; also called client-centered
  5. e this phenomenon causes one to prefer a stimulus as a consequence of repeated exposures to that stimulus, particularly is there is no adverse result of the exposure

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  1. Piaget's second stage of cognitive development, when egocentrism declines
  2. fear
  3. early stage of human development, when cells have begun to differentiate
  4. this carries information from the brain to the muscles; also called "efferent"
  5. drugs which mimic the activity of neurotransmitters

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  1. anal stageFreud's first stage of psychosexual development during which pleasure is centered in the mouth


  2. concurrent validityan external stimulus that tends to encourage behavior


  3. depressanttype of variable manipulated by the experimenter


  4. monoculara system of rules in a language


  5. conformityadjusting behavior to meet a group's standard


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