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  1. serotonin
  2. longitudinal
  3. superego
  4. dyslexia
  5. intrinsic
  1. a term that describes motivations that derive from one's interest in the object of the motivation, rather than from rewards that one might gain
  2. b a neurotransmitter; associated with improved mood and other positive emotions
  3. c describes research that measures a trait in a particular group of subjects over a long period of time
  4. d a learning disability that results in difficulty reading and writing
  5. e the part of the personality in Freud's theory that is responsible for making moral choices

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  1. thinking about thinking
  2. the second rung of Maslow's hierarchy; refers to need for freedom from danger
  3. space between the axon terminal of one neuron and the receptors of the next neuron
  4. Jung's theory that we all share an inherited memory that contains our culture's most basic elements
  5. theory that claims that behavior is driven by a desire to lessen drives resulting from needs that disrupt homeostasis

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  1. belief perseveranceits four stages are excitement, plateau, orgasm and resolution


  2. attachmenttheory developed by Harlow; types include secure and insecure


  3. eidetica defense mechanism in which unpleasant thought or desires are ignored or excluded from consciousness


  4. ablationfeeling of being drawn toward another and desiring the company of a person


  5. long termthis acts as a support system for neurons


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