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  1. divergent thinking
  2. reinforcer
  3. rods
  4. medulla
  5. extraversion
  1. a a type of creative thinking in which one generates new solutions to problems
  2. b in operant conditioning any event that strengthens the behavior it follows
  3. c part of the brain nearest the spinal cord which controls breathing, heart rate and blood pressure
  4. d one of the Big 5, a personality trait orients one's interests toward the outside world and other people, rather than inward
  5. e responsible for black and white vision

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  1. the lobe that controls audition
  2. evidence of critical period in some animals; they follow the first moving thing they see after hatching
  3. a type of critical thinking in which one evaluates existing possible solutions to a problem to choose the best one
  4. adjusting behavior to meet a group's standard
  5. Jung's theory that we all share an inherited memory that contains our culture's most basic elements

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  1. representativeness heuristicthe branch of the nervous system that automatically calms us down when the reason for arousal has passed


  2. difference thresholdthe first brain structure to pick up smell information from the nose


  3. serotonina neurotransmitter; associated with improved mood and other positive emotions


  4. associative learninglearning in which an organism learns that certain events occur together, such as my cat knowing that she will be fed when I get home from work


  5. hippocampuslimbic system component associated with memory


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