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  1. experiment
  2. assimilation
  3. affective disorders
  4. divergent thinking
  5. sleep apnea
  1. a form of scientific investigation in which one variable is tested to determine its effect on another
  2. b a disorder characterized by cessation of breathing during sleep
  3. c a type of creative thinking in which one generates new solutions to problems
  4. d interpreting new experiences in terms of existing schema
  5. e psychological disturbances of mood

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  1. occur most often during REM sleep; may be caused by activation-synthesis, or may be a way of cementing memories
  2. analysis that begins with sensory receptors and works its way up to the brain's integration of sensory information
  3. in testing, the characteristic of a test that produces consistent scores through retesting or alternate halves or other methods
  4. Thorndike's rule that behaviors which have positive outcomes tend to be repeated
  5. an inert substance given to the control group in an experiment

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  1. standard deviationwhen an individual seems to lose himself or herself in the group's identity


  2. episodicinitials representing a disorder in which one relives painfully stressful events


  3. modethe transparent outer covering of the eye


  4. ablationthe fundamental building block of the nervous system


  5. shapingnumerical average of a set of numbers


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