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  1. all-or-nothing
  2. availability heuristic
  3. eardrum
  4. frequency
  5. somatoform disorder
  1. a also called the tympanic membrane
  2. b any of a group of psychological disturbances characterized by physical symptoms for which there is not a medical cause
  3. c theory of hearing which states that the rate of nerve impulses traveling up the auditory nerve matches the tone's frequency
  4. d this cognitive shortcut features the idea that events which are vividly in memory seem to be more common
  5. e description of the action of neurons when firing

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  1. defense mechanism in which unacceptable impulses are transformed into their opposite
  2. in classical conditioning, the response elicited by the conditioned stimulus
  3. the sensory reception system of the eye; includes rods and cones
  4. a neurotransmitter that is associated with Parkinson's disease (too little of it) and schizophrenia (too much of it)
  5. a legal term describing one's inability to be responsible for one's action due to the condition of the mind

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  1. drive reductiontheory that claims that behavior is driven by a desire to lessen drives resulting from needs that disrupt homeostasis


  2. client-centered therapydeveloped by Carl Rogers, this humanistic therapy includes unconditional positive regard


  3. schemaa collection of basic knowledge about a category of information; serves as a means of organization and interpretation of that information


  4. glial cellthis acts as a support system for neurons


  5. corpus callosumthe fibers that connect the right and left hemispheres, enabling them to communicate


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