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  1. latent content
  2. socio-cultural
  3. activation synthesis
  4. hallucinogen
  5. motivation
  1. a the idea that dreams are the result of the cerebral cortex interpreting and organizing random flashes of brain activity, originating in the lower brain structures, especially the pons
  2. b a need or desire that energizes and directs behavior
  3. c a substance capable of producing a sensory effect in the absence of real external sensory stimuli
  4. d the hidden or disguised meaning of dreams
  5. e a perspective on psychology that emphasizes effects on behavior and thinking of one's culture and the people around one

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  1. numerical average of a set of numbers
  2. point in the retinal where the optic nerve leaves the retina so there are no rods or cones there
  3. seen when an individual is in a relaxed, unfocused, yet still awake state
  4. name for a controversy in which it is debated whether genetics or environment is responsible for driving behavior
  5. theory developed by Harlow; types include secure and insecure

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  1. acquisitiona process in classical conditioning by which the association of a neutral stimulus with a natural stimulus is first established


  2. person-centeredtherapy developed by Rogers featuring the patient's self-discovery and actualization; also called client-centered


  3. NREMdescribes sleep in which vivid dreams typically occur; this type of sleep increases as the night progresses while stage 4 sleep decreases


  4. phonemein language, smallest distinctive sound unit


  5. sleep apneaplural form of schema


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