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  1. rods
  2. collectivist
  3. panic disorder
  4. introversion
  5. insight
  1. a in psychoanalysis, the basic understanding one develops of the underlying sources of emotion or behavioral difficulty
  2. b this adjective describes cultures in which the individual is less important than the group
  3. c responsible for black and white vision
  4. d a personality trait that signifies that one finds energy from internal sources rather than external ones
  5. e characterized by recurrent, unexpected panic attacks

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  1. extraneous factor that interferes with the action of the independent variable on the dependent variable
  2. the first brain structure to pick up smell information from the nose
  3. the degree of relationship between two variables
  4. reduced responsiveness caused by prolonged stimulation
  5. in neurons, another name for sensory

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  1. eideticin Freud's conception, the repository of the basic urges toward sex and agression


  2. general adaptation syndromeSeyle's concept that the body responds to stress with alarm, resistance and exhaustion


  3. NREMrefers to sleep during which there is no rapid eye movement


  4. alpha wavesimpairment of language usually caused by damage to the left hemisphere


  5. kinethesissense of balance and of one's physical position


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