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  1. deindividuation
  2. association areas
  3. cognitive
  4. individualist
  5. achievement test
  1. a areas of the cerebral cortex which have no specific motor or sensory repsonsibilities, but rather are involved in thinking, memory and judgment
  2. b a test that assesses what one has learned
  3. c culture in which the individual is valued more highly than the group
  4. d when an individual seems to lose himself or herself in the group's identity
  5. e perspective on psychology that stresses the importance of mental activities associated with thinking, remembering, etc

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  1. describes sleep in which vivid dreams typically occur; this type of sleep increases as the night progresses while stage 4 sleep decreases
  2. the steady, stable state that is the body's regulatory processes try to maintain
  3. this term describes the situation when you are focused on certain stimuli in the environment while other stimuli are excluded
  4. tendency to attribute others' behavior to their dispositions and our own behaviors to our situations
  5. using operant conditioning to teach a complex response by linking together less complex skills

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  1. acquisitionfeeling of being drawn toward another and desiring the company of a person


  2. sleep spindlesshort bursts of brain waves detected in stage 2 sleep


  3. social exchangeits four stages are excitement, plateau, orgasm and resolution


  4. social facilitationtreating members of different races, religions, ethnic groups differently; usually associated with prejudice


  5. functional fixednessthis theory predicts how and in what circumstances we can detect a stimulus; assumes there is no single threshold


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