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  1. somatoform disorder
  2. client-centered therapy
  3. social facilitation
  4. modeling
  5. dissociative fugue
  1. a a phenomenon in which we perform simple or well-learned tasks better when in the presence of others
  2. b the process of observing and imitating a behavior
  3. c disorder in which one travels away from home and is unable to remember details of his past, including often his identity
  4. d any of a group of psychological disturbances characterized by physical symptoms for which there is not a medical cause
  5. e developed by Carl Rogers, this humanistic therapy includes unconditional positive regard

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  1. school of psychology developed by Wilhelm Wundt
  2. a technique that enables us to see static images of the brain's structures; uses magnetism to achieve this effect
  3. refers to memory that is stored effectively in the brain and may be accessed over an extended period of time
  4. a negative attitude formed toward an individual or group without sufficient experience with the person or group
  5. Freud's first stage of psychosexual development during which pleasure is centered in the mouth

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  1. emotion theoriesJames-Lange, Cannon-Baird and Singer-Schachter are three


  2. hypnosisfear


  3. modethe most commonly occurring term in a batch of data


  4. representativedefense mechanism in which one disguises one's won unacceptable impulses by attributing them to others


  5. neutralthe fundamental building block of the nervous system


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