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  1. sensory adaptation
  2. echoic
  3. drive reduction
  4. applied research
  5. blind spot
  1. a point in the retinal where the optic nerve leaves the retina so there are no rods or cones there
  2. b theory that claims that behavior is driven by a desire to lessen drives resulting from needs that disrupt homeostasis
  3. c scientific investigations intended to solve practical problems
  4. d reduced responsiveness caused by prolonged stimulation
  5. e term that describes memory of sounds

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  1. method of improving memory by associating new information with previously learned information
  2. One of Piaget's stages; includes the ability to use abstract thinking
  3. a procedure in which reinforcement occurs when a specific behavior does not occur in a fixed period of time
  4. this coiled structure in the inner ear is fluid-filled and in it the energy from sound waves stimulate hair cells
  5. a variety of disorders marked by inability to distinguish some or all colors

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  1. temporalthe lobe that controls audition


  2. self-esteema stage in human development extending from about ten weeks after conception to birth


  3. mental agenumerical average of a set of numbers


  4. token economya technique in operant conditioning by which desired behaviors receive forms of currency that can be exchanged for rewards


  5. object permanencerecognition that things continue to exist even though hidden from sight; infants generally gain this after 3 to 7 months of age


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