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  1. lens
  2. delta waves
  3. threshold
  4. schizophrenia
  5. sleep apnea
  1. a largest brain waves, associated with deep, dreamless sleep
  2. b disorder characterized by hallucinations and delusions
  3. c a disorder characterized by cessation of breathing during sleep
  4. d in a neuron, reaching this causes the neuron to fire
  5. e a curved, transparent element of the vision system that provides focus

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  1. scientific investigations intended to expand the knowledge base
  2. theory of emotion that says that a stimulus causes simultaneously psyiological arousal and the subjective experience of an emotion
  3. Freud's processes by which individuals express uncomfortable emotions in disguised ways
  4. an image that remains after a stimulus is removed, especially one in which the colors are reversed
  5. the first brain structure to pick up smell information from the nose

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  1. proactive interferencePiaget's stage in which children learn such concepts as conservation and mathematical transformations; about 7 - 11 years of age


  2. rodspart of the brain, works with the cerebellum in coordinating voluntary movement; neural stimulation studied in activation synthesis theory may originate here


  3. conditioninggenerally, learning in which certain experiences make certain behaviors more or less likely; there are two forms of this


  4. experimental groupthe part of the personality in Freud's theory that is responsible for making moral choices


  5. hormonea reflex in which a newborn turns its head in response to a gentle stimulus on its cheek


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