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  1. oral stage
  2. electroconvulsive therapy
  3. higher-order
  4. autonomy vs. shame and doubt
  5. control group
  1. a Erikson's stage in which a toddler learns to exercise will and to do things independently; failure to do so causes shame and doubt
  2. b a treatment in which low level electric current is passed through the brain
  3. c subjects in an experiment who do not receive application of the independent variable but are measured nonetheless for the dependent variable
  4. d Freud's first stage of psychosexual development during which pleasure is centered in the mouth
  5. e term describes conditioning in which the CS for one experiment becomes the UCS in another experiment so that another neutral stimulus can be made to elicit the original UCR

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  1. a chemical that is released by a neuron for the purpose of carrying information across the gaps (synapses) between neurons
  2. in Freud's theory, the level of consciousness in which thoughts and feelings are not conscious but are readily retrieveable to consciousness
  3. this type of psychologist studies, assesses and treats those with psychological disorders
  4. a computation of how much scores vary around a mean
  5. numerical average of a set of numbers

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  1. self-fulfilling prophecya belief or expectation that helps to make itself true


  2. peripheral nervous systemany agent that reduces the activity of the CNS


  3. cross-sectionaltype of study that measures a variable across several age groups at the same time


  4. correlationthe degree of relationship between two variables


  5. opponent process theorydeveloped by Carl Rogers, this humanistic therapy includes unconditional positive regard


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